What is an Influencer and How He/She Can Boost Your Business?

Have you ever considered using influencers to create awareness, acquire a customer, and create engagements online for your brand? Influencer marketing is the in thing today if you want to digital marketing and you must consider it as one of the digital strategies to deploy. In this article, we seek to answer the most asked question what is an influencer, how to work with an influencer to boost business, and how to find the right influencer.

What is an Influencer?

You have to choose the best promoter for your product. And that’s why you will have to understand ‘what is an influencer’ for you to choose the right promoters.

An influencer is a person with a great active following on your product niche and with the ability to persuade their audience to promote the product. Additionally, influencers are assets in which businesses can rely on to achieve the overall marketing goals.

Why Influencers are Good for Your Business

Influencers are key to any business promotion on social media.  With the power of their social following they can influence their follower’s decisions and make them purchase brands that they are endorsing. Therefore, they are a very important business if you are seeking for brand awareness, customer acquisition, generating leads and conversions.

Below are the reasons why social media influencers are good for promoting businesses.

Builds Client Trust on Brands

Influencer relationship with their followers is important to business in terms of trust. When you pick an influencer to endorse your brand, their influencer’s followers will be manipulated and perceive the brand as credible and they will trust your brand. Therefore, it is important to choose the best influencer to build trust in your products to customers.

Customer Acquisition

A business needs to capture a new active market to be sure of continued growth. Therefore, getting the right influencer helps acquire new customers who never knew about the product. With that, the business is expected to reach more markets in a very short time.

Image: customer_growth.jpg Alt: customer growth

Create Engagements

When influencers post products on their timelines or feeds, they trigger conversations among customers about the product. In the case of sales, customers are given a one-time discount since it’s a short term promotion. However, in the long run, the same customers are likely to come back for the same products.

Builds Business’ Social/SEO Ranking

Building your online presence is another plus in the influencer promotion process. With social sites and websites, be assured of growing your search engine ranking within a short while.   When you use influencers, they will mention your product and link back your website or trigger followers to search more about your product. This will bring traffic to your website and Google will index and rank your brand page higher.

Reduces Needs for Content Creation

Creating promotional content is very expensive and takes time. What does an influencer really do? The influencer takes up the task of promoting your products so that you do not have to worry about your web or social media performance. Just making sales! However, after the contract is over, you have to take back the task of creating content to maintain the client base hold.

How an Influencer Can Help Boost Your Business

Ever tried to understand what an influencer really does to boost your business? It’s a way up a substitute to paid ads. Influencers really have to be creative in the way they create content about your brand and how the post them online in order to be authentic and boost your business. There are a few aspects to consider when getting engagement with an influencer.

1. They Provide Review or Feedback

Encourage to influencers to feedback and comment about your brand positively. When influencers review your product or service, this will create magic for your business.  The influencers will begin to trust the brand and they will be eager to try it out or be associated with your brand hence boosting your brand.

2. Create Content That is Not Promotional

Before the influencer starts the campaign, consider outlining the type of content you need to be displayed. Short, interactive, educative, customer-centered and appealing that does not sound promotional. It enhances client willingness to interact and be open about the product.  When content is relevant and witty, followers will engage with it.

3. Choose the right Influencer

If you really want to boost your business, you need to choose the right influencer. One that is within your brand niche, with a real following. You can determine all these insights using InflueNex tool.  When you have the right influencer, who can relate with your brand, it will be easier for them to boost your brand online through interactions and great content.

4. Work with Micro-Influencers

To successfully boost your business digitally, influencers need to work with Macro and Micro-influencers.  With this strategy, your brand message will reach a wider audience not to mention its virality.

5. Use Hashtags

What an influencer can do to create virality and boost your business is to come with relevant hashtags for the campaign. The hashtags will enable you and the influencer to trace and discover engagements around your brand. It will be easier for the brand and the influencer to respond to users.

How to Find an Influencer to Promote Your Business

Looking for an influencer suited to your features is a hassle. However, there are tools that help you choose your best influencer. They contain metrics to weigh the performance of registered influencers individually. InflueNex is the best influencer tool search in the market. Below are the features of InflueNex.

  • Search through over 2 million influencers.
  • Manage your influencers from your account.
  • Measure video performance in the audience.
  • Recommend productive influencers.
  • Get the estimated budget of the influencers.
  • Filters to acquire the best influencer.

How to use InflueNex to Find Influencers

Using InflueNex, getting the best influencer is a guarantee. It’s a widely used tool that receives vigorous traffic from influencers and promoters all over the world.  These steps are a detailed guide to select your best influencer.

Step 1. Open InflueNex to sign up and select your preferred plan. For this case choose, you are a brand and signup with your email address.

Step 2. Input your keywords in the search box and click “Search” button.

Alternatively, there are advanced filters filter through your influencer. Click the “drop-down” in each filter to choose the filters.

Step 3. After the search, matching results will show up with the corresponding influencer score. You can choose how to view results by clicking “Sort By” dropdown.

Step 4. Contact the influencer. By clicking the name of your desired influencer, you’ll be redirected to a detailed page of the influencer to determine their effectiveness. Henceforth, you can contact them by clicking the “Send invitation” button or go back to choose a new influencer.

From there, compose your email send the mail, and wait for the response from the influencer.


Finally, the question “What’s an influencer” is fully answered.  We can see that in the world of digital marketing influencers play a crucial role in boosting our business.  Also finding the relevant influencer is now easier thanks to InflueNex influencer search tool.