Welcome to the Baltimore Post-Examiner

Welcome aboard.

It’s going to be a great ride we hope never stops.

We are looking forward to serving you something different every day – hopefully a reason for you to bookmark this page and visit us frequently.

Several journalists are behind this start-up – some who worked at The Washington Post, Frederick News-Post, Baltimore Examiner and freelancers from the New York Times and Baltimore Sun.  It’s called the Post-Examiner because we love the play on the word “Post” but we also are hoping to answer that question: What’s next after newspapers? We see a lot of websites come and go – and many simply are not making it for various reasons.

We hope to break that cycle.

We are not the typical news website –  nor do we wish to be. We will be offering more than news and blogs, but an opportunity for fiction writers, poets, comedians and musicians to showcase their talent and skills.  Much like when the Beatles formed Apple, they opened the door to all kinds of inspiring talent that never really got a shot. From that came the likes of James Taylor and others. We hope by providing a similar approach we can shine the light on some tremendous undiscovered talent and at the same time offer some familiar voices who live in Baltimore and beyond.

We won’t be limited to Baltimore, and we will dive into some national and international issues as well as state issues on an occasional basis – including some state blogs. You know what they say, everything sooner or later becomes local. So we believe if an event is happening outside this great city, we’ll make sure we bring it home whether it’s one of our sons or daughters dying in the war overseas, or an outside voice we believe is worth listening to. We will be a little bit of everything.

And we won’t get our feelings hurt, if you don’t like something, or have a suggestion on how we can improve. We’re journalists so fire away. It comes with the territory.

If you want to contribute, drop us a line.  If you want to donate, click the donate button. Your donation goes directly to support the writers, poets, photographers, musicians and artists. And if you want to advertise,  please do. We won’t make it without your support.

So who are we? Stay tuned. We will be holding events throughout the year where you can meet some of the people behind the madness here.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

Thanks for reading,

Baltimore Post-Examiner Staff


(Photo by Chris Ammann)

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  • April 9, 2012 at 7:16 AM

    Looking forward to being a regular reader. Here’s hoping for a long and happy run. Good luck!

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