Weight loss supplement: Metabolife Ultra

So much information is thrown at you about slimming pills and weight-loss supplements which are available these days you might not know where to start, or even if it’s safe or worth it to do so. I’m always cautious, but on the other hand I’m good to try new things to see if it will make a difference.

Particularly, I am intrigued by one new product on the market – Metabolife Ultra. I like to do my research on such things before I venture down any path, so before embarking on such a journey, I looked in to what this product has to offer.

Trim waist
Trim waist

I want to lose the ten pounds that this winter has added on with partying and socializing and snow days. Out of routine, I hit the wall and break through the other side with a muffin and glass of wine in hand, which isn’t conducive to shedding the pounds. Normally, I workout for 15-16 hours a week, eat a balanced and nutritious diet with plenty of vegetables and protein, but I’ve hit a plateau and it’s not a comfortable one.

So, what can Metabolife Ultra do for me? Manufactured by Twinlab Corporation, Metabolife Ultra is an upgraded version of Metabolife. It promises to be a better, more interesting product that contains Meratrim and has four different ingredients in four clinically relevant doses. I like these words – they make me feel like I’m in safe, stable, scientific hands.

With Metabolife Ultra you take three tablets a day – that’s one a half hour before each meal. The tablet contains a unique blend of ingredients that have been clinically tested to achieve weight loss results.

The data provided states that in placebo controlled studies those who took the tablets lost at least three times more weight in 8 weeks than diet and exercise alone. What I like about this is that Metabolife Ultra encourages good diet and exercise in combination with taking the supplement. You see, that’s the key – miracles don’t come from pills, but the combination of these three things could help me lose eight more pounds in eight weeks that diet and exercise alone. I’m sold.

I’m looking specifically to reduce waist and hip size, and possibly a pant size for the summer and, whilst my BMI is in good shape, I know that losing these 8 pounds will give me the body confidence I need to feel good at the poolside.

So, what’s in the tablet? Well, it’s a herbal blend of Meratrim and Garcinia Cambogia and ChromeMate. I’ve heard a great deal about Garcinia Cambogia, so I’m excited to see that it is an ingredient. Will it really work, or is it just hype? Metabolife Ultra contains 1800mg of Garcinia Cambogia and this level of the ingredient will encourage better appetite control. I need that. It also contains natural caffeine (100mg per dose) and promises that I will have sustained energy to help achieve my weight loss goal.

metabolifeI’m also seeking to reduce my body fat percentage and retain muscle mass, so by taking this supplement and keeping up my exercise and diet, it looks like my wish could become a reality.

It’s probably true to say that if I just took Metabolife and sat on my butt watching TV and eating potato chips, not much would change, so I am hoping that, by adding this extra supplement into my current regimen and lifestyle, I will start to see results.

My current weight is 128lbs and my body fat is 19%, so by the end of 8 weeks, all being well, I should see a reduction. Now, I’m fully aware that I am lean and fit, and that my weight is good and at within its set point, so I will need to work harder and be committed to taking Metabolife Ultra to ensure that it really works, but I’m very confident that this could be the breakthrough I’m after.

I’m starting Metabolife Ultra tomorrow. I’ll see you on the other side – 8 pounds down and with a body fat reduction. πŸ™‚

The Metabolife website offers weight loss tools and nutritional ideas, recipes and fitness tips too, so I’m logging on and finding out more. Metabolife Ultra retails at $24.99 and I’m hoping this is the weight loss formula that makes a change in the right direction for me. I’m convinced it will be.

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