‘We need more Bobby Kennedys in the Democratic party’

Dear Editor,

I want to express my disappointment with the national Democratic Party and its candidates for the House and Senate as well as its current members of both the House and Senate.

I think we sorely need more “Bobby Kennedys,” and I see NONE in sight. We need national Democrats with charisma, people with warm and loving and caring and compassionate and empathetic hearts and souls who can relate to and identify with Americans who suffer in life, people who can reach and touch people in their hearts and souls.

I look at the Congress, and all I see are mostly wealthy people in both parties. Research shows this. Most Democrats in the Congress are in  the “upper-class.” They are NOT “everyday” people like my wife and myself and most of your readers. Most of them will never have money-worries and hardships in life like tens of millions of us do.

They don’t have to be scared and frightened like my wife is because our Social Security Benefits might be cut by the Republicans in Congress. We will have to sell our home and move into a one-bedroom apartment in a “hellhole” area if our benefits are cut.

They will never know what it’s like to be a senior citizen and only be able to afford to take half of your medications and face going blind and having your legs cut-off because you have diabetes and can’t afford to take your full dosage of insulin.

Most Democrats in Congress have nice, safe, comfortable, privileged, well-to-do lives. They are not who should be in the Congress. Everyday people should be in the Congress. And they should be our candidates, not people with $200,000 yearly incomes who run for office because they think that it would be “fun” and “cool” to be called Congresswoman or Senator.

I just don’t see a “burning desire” or a “fire in the belly” to want to help those who struggle with money-worries in life among most of today’s Democratic members of Congress and candidates for Congress. Democrats are supposed to CARE about people who struggle and suffer in life and have hardships. They are supposed to fight for them. I just don’t see much of it.

Stewart B Epstein
Rochester, New York