We Make Poetry (Why The World Needs Rhyme)

We make poetry as a way of making love

A precious gift unleashed

Pure, primal and free

From the heart and mind you may never find

A more beautiful blending of thought, vision, energy and action

Because we make poetry to make love


We make poetry to change the world

Turning the wheels of the mind

So the least, the last and the lost will find

The strength, courage and inspiration

To start the revolutions that change nations

We say and do what our hearts drive us to say, move us to do

We make poetry to make change, and we make change through love


We are wordsmiths, songbirds, sound forgers and verbal explorers

We bring harmony through an army of lyrical brilliance

And revolution with stanza upon stanza of intellectual resilience

We give with all of our hearts so your ears can be entertained while we educate your brain


We make poetry to educate, we create moments that shape history…

we make history through change and that change, comes out of love.


2011 Dream Citadel Productions