Waiakea Water Partners with Pump Aid in Honor of World Water Day to Fight COVID-19 in Malawi

The worldwide proliferation of COVID-19 has made the circumstances of populations with limited or no access to clean, potable water incredibly dire. Waiakea Water has committed to working with Pump Aid, the global non-governmental organization, to facilitate sanitation and handwashing initiatives to mitigate what may be a devastating health crisis in Malawi. In honor of World Water Day, which took place on March 22, 2020, Waiakea Water announced that for every purchase of a Waiakea Water product, it would be donating five times the dollar amount to Pump Aid. Waiakea will continue to donate to this critically important organizations throughout the month of March.

Over half of the current global population cannot reliably access clean water or effective sanitation. This inability to practice the rigorous handwashing and surface sterilization required to mitigate viral spread will put millions of people at high risk for COVID-19. Moreover, these regions do not have the healthcare infrastructure to effectively treat extremely high numbers of infected, which may mean thousands – if not millions – of deaths.

Basic handwashing with soap and water is the primary defense for a multitude of infections, yet this resource is inaccessible to approximately three-quarters of the population in developing nations. Even local healthcare clinics cannot reliably obtain the resources to ensure consistent handwashing, severely limiting healthcare workers’ ability to protect themselves from the disease. Unfortunately, according to a report by the UN World Water Development, water isn’t considered a spending priority, because it is widely believed that water isn’t an economic need, but rather a social concern. Ironically, this shortfall could cause economic devastation during a global pandemic as infection spreads and ravages already strained healthcare systems.

Pump Aid, an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing sustainable water to underserved populations, has committed to broadening its WASH (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene) program in Malawi, which provides access to handwashing resources, flush toilets, and clean water Elephant Pumps. The organization has helped 6,750 children in 52 pre-schools access clean water and has provided education to nearly 30,000 members of the community in the importance of adopting the practice of regular, vigorous handwashing and sanitation solutions.

Since its inception, Waiakea Water has donated one week’s worth of water to Pump Aid for every liter of its water sold, but in honor of World Water Day, Waiakea Water committed to increasing the normal donation by a factor of five throughout the month of March.

To learn more about Waiakea Water’s social initiatives, please visit the Waiakea Water ethical commitment page.