Vampires: Aftermath of the Dracula affair

I know I am a day late and a dollar short with Vampires. The Twilight Saga, Vampire Diaries and Vampire Chronicles were huge. Have we moved on or are we still into Vampires?

DraculaWhen I went to look at Dracula it suddenly occurred to me that sex might be pretty exciting for some folks, if there was a threat of death over their heads. You know the fantasy of it. Not the reality …

Bram Stoker wrote Dracula in 1897. His exciting story is told from letters, diary entries and newspaper clippings. I am going to skip most of the story and go to the provocative portion that gives you that taste of copper in your mouth and therefore much more interesting to write about.

Okay, Dracula tracks two beautiful women, Wilhelmina (Mina) Murray and her friend Lucy Westernra. Everyone begins to worry about poor Lucy because she’s wasting away. One of Lucy’s suitors, Van Helsing, suspects vampires and more specifically, Dracula.

Van Helsing begins blood transfusions on poor Lucy. The transfusions don’t seem to be making Lucy any stronger, but it doesn’t matter because eventually Lucy and her mother are attacked and killed by a wolf.

After Lucy’s burial, newspapers report children are being stalked by a beautiful lady and Van Helsing knows that Lucy has come back as a Vampire. Lucy’s suitors track her down, stake her heart, behead her and fill her mouth with garlic. They decide to now track Dracula for what he’s done and kill him.

Lucy Westernra
Lucy Westernra

Dracula learns of the anger of Mina and Lucy’s suitors with their plot against him and gets his revenge by sucking Mina’s blood and feeding her his own, keeping her in a semi–trance and the two of them telepathically connected.

Now this is where my story comes in.  Mina is angry and hates what Dracula’s done to Lucy and herself and wants him dead but her body keeps betraying her. I call it:

The Aftermath

Cool air hit her moist skin when his powerful body lifted up and away from hers. Almost immediately she felt the coarse wool of his cape flutter against her shoulder and gently drape across her entire body keeping the warmth close to her heated skin. Almost as if he cared to keep her blood running warm.

Mina didn’t dare open her eyes in the darkness to watch him as he moved silently away from her in one fluid motion. She knew how dangerous it could be. Her body stiffened in a self-defensive tautness as she waited for his departure.

Vampire 2She could neither see him nor smell him in the darkness, but Mina could sense him. That old feeling of kill or be killed kicked in but not fight or flight. It was most assuredly fight. In only a matter of moments she felt a soft caress of air across her forehead and she knew he was gone.

Mina and Count Dracula had taken each other many times before. She knew that today her body would be covered with small bruises, where in any other case; punctures would be in her bloodless body. Something kept drawing them back together, if only for an hour or two, it was as if their bodies drew sustenance from each other.

She ran her fingers through her long dark hair to pull it back up and away from her damp curvaceous body and then stretched out under the wool cape as if a feline. She sighed and relaxed one muscle at a time.

Preparing for and battling his powerful body was so life draining and then at the moment where one or both felt ready to accept defeat of the battle, it would suddenly turn into an all-consuming, sometimes teetering on the brink of exhaustion, wild, contented and the most amazing passion she had ever experienced.

Wilhelmina Murray
Wilhelmina Murray

She knew,, as well as he, that one day, one of them would finish it. Each time his mouth bit into her flesh with passion, she felt that it just might be that point in time when he would sink those fangs into her jugular and be done with it. At that moment, being overwhelmed with the passion that flared between them, she would almost welcome death.

Almost … until she remembered and then she felt determined to meet him again … in the light of day where she could once again attempt to battle Count Dracula, not to passion but to death.