Types of wines you can consume in light of health

There are various types of red wine available in the market, and each of these has unique benefits and drawbacks. Some of the top choices are:

  • Syrah, i.e., Shiraz – It is the variety that produces a very spicy and hearty variety of red wine. These wines coming into the market are of intense flavor and greater longevity.
  • Merlot – A soft wine which makes it an introductory wine to the novice drinkers.
  • Cabernet – One of the top varieties in the world, which undergoes an oak treatment.
  • Malbec – Originates from Bordeaux in France, which is blended effectively with merlot and cabernet.
  • Pinot noir – Considered as one of the noblest variants of red grape wine. The vineyards are difficult to grow which makes it rare and precious.
  • Zinfandel – one of the most versatile wine grape categories in the world.
  • Sangiovese – A good choice for those who plan Italian-style cuisines.
  • Barbera – similar to Merlot, even though not so popular as Merlot.

Latour wines

The legacy of Latour wine dates back to the fourteenth century, but the vineyards for Latour were not established until the seventeenth century. The estate is situated at the southern edge of Pauillac, which is bordering to the St. Julien vineyards by covering about 78 hectares. After a short period of English ownership, it was bought by the French billionaire François Pinault in 1993.

Pinault then delegated Frédéric Engerer to manage the day to day operation of the vineyard, under whose administration later Latour had raised to the current undisputed pre-eminent status in the hierarchy of Bordeaux wines. Now Latour produces three wines as:

1. Grand Vin, which comes from the vineyards surrounding château, which is also known as L’Enclos

2. Les Forts de Latour, which is the second category was created back in 1966, now regarded as another great wine variety.

3. Pauillac de Latour, the third wine, is a younger category of wine.

In terms of production volumes, about 20000 of Latour wine is made each year and about 12000 Les Forts de Latour cases, and Pauillac in a variable quantity.

The vinification process of Latour is strictly controlled starting from the selection of only healthiest fruits, 100% de-stemming, and separate tanks maintained for each category of wines. The maceration is a three-week long process which is followed by the malolactic fermentation at the high-end vats before the wine is going to the barrels. The barrels used for aging of the wine are 100% new. The wine which is destined to be Les Forts de Latour is getting aged in 50% new and 50% 1-year-old oak barrels.

Latour is so powerful, compelling, and structured. It remained one of the most performing varieties among the First Growth Wines across the globe and gained an unquestionable reputation in vintage category. It also has great potential to get aged, and the best vintages are of a century or more of age.

Some Latour variants available online are:

2010 Pauillac de Latour
Price: $125.00 for 750 ml

2009 Pauillac de Latour
Price: $125.00 for 750 ml

2016 Louis Latour Romanee Saint Vivant Les Quatre Journaux
Price: $485.00 for 750 ml

2015 Louis Latour Echezeaux
Price: $225.00 for 750 ml

2015 Louis Latour Corton Perriers
Price: $89.99 for 750 ml

2015 Louis Latour Corton Grancey
Price: $99.99 for 750 ml

2016 Louis Latour Corton Grancey
Price: $159.00 for 750 ml

2014 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne
Price: $109.00 for 750 ml

2015 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne
Price: $109.00 for 750 ml

2010 Louis Latour Chevalier Montrachet Demoiselles
Price: $315.00 for 750 ml

2014 Louis Latour Chassagne Montrachet La Grande Montagne
Price: $55.95 for 750 ml

2016 Louis Latour Charmes Chambertin
Price: $335.00 for 750 ml


Some other top choices which are available on demand are:

  • 2015 Louis Latour Chambertin Cuvee Heritiers Latour
  • 2007 Les Forts de Latour
  • 2002 Les Forts de Latour
  • 2009 Les Forts de Latour
  • 1999 Les Forts de Latour
  • 2001 Les Forts de Latour
  • 1997 Les Forts De Latour
  • 1996 Les Forts De Latour
  • 1986 Les Forts De Latour
  • 2008 Les Forts de Latour

Some essentials to note for wine consumption in light of health

Consider red wine over the sweet wines

You can find a wide variety within the group of red wines itself produced from the various category of grapes. Some of the grapes used to produce wines have a higher content of antioxidants compared to others. It noted that the red wines which are dryer have a high quotient of antioxidants like resveratrol with significant health benefits. Sweeter wines may have higher sugar content, which edges out the benefits of antioxidants.

Skip wine mixes and wine spritzers

The common variant of wine servings you may come across at any restaurants or bars may be a wine spritzer or a wine mix. It is ideal for skipping these beverages as these may only create adverse health conditions rather than benefits. Wine spritzers may contain wine and carbonated sweet drinks like seltzer or soda. These may contribute to higher calories and sugar content, which prove to be harmful to the human body.

Talk to the physician.

If you are getting interested in consuming red wine for its health benefits, then you should talk to your doctor before trying it out. No healthcare practitioner will advise you to start drinking for the obvious health reasons, but on personal consultation, a physician may give you some suggestions if you want to try it out. But, if you are already under medical care for any adverse health conditions, then it is essential to consult your doctor before attempting to start with wine drinking.

Avoid drinking on an empty stomach

Another very important thing many out there are not aware of is the adverse impact of drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. Wine consumption is not recommended on an empty stomach. When there is no food in your stomach, alcohol directly gests absorbed into the bloodstream, which could quickly intoxicate you. You also have to stay well hydrated before and after consuming wine. You may drink plenty of water, juice, decaf coffee, or sparkling water to stay hydrated.

In any case, even when light to moderate consumption of some variants of wines may have a positive impact on health, heavy drinkers are more likely to suffer from the opposite effects, which may end up in heart attacks, stroke, liver function diseases, kidney troubles, etc. Like any good thing in life, moderation is the key in wine consumption too.