Top Spanish language learning platforms 2018/2019

Spain is a warm, friendly country that enjoys steadily rising popularity among people coming to study, have a rest, and work there. Moreover, Spanish is the language of Latin America, while many Latin Americans continue speaking Spanish even after decades spent in the USA. So, at present, over 500 million people speak Spanish, and experts even predict that the number of Spanish learners may exceed that of English learners by 2050.

Thus, it is not surprising that the demand for the Spanish language also grows, and a challenge to find the best platform for learning Spanish becomes more pressing. When it comes to the mode of learning, most students naturally prefer to take online Spanish classes, as it is more flexible, affordable, and sometimes even free. There are still doubts as to whether one can learn a language online only, but for a start, it may be a good option to master basic to intermediate language skills. Here we share the rating of the best Spanish language learning platforms for you to select the one fitting your requirements and expectations.

Best Platforms for Learning Spanish in 2018/2019 

Busuu. This platform is topping the list of platforms for learning Spanish in 2018. It contains tons of video and audio materials for learning, and you get a real-time assessment of your progress based on the dialogue reading and multiple-choice exercise completion. In addition, you can communicate with other users and native speakers in the Busuu community, which creates a fabulous experience of language training.

Preply. It’s a unique platform uniting Spanish learners and real Spanish teachers online. The best in this system is the flexibility of tutor choice in accordance with your unique needs and requirements, your budget, time zone, etc. Thus, you get individualized, personal approach via a video chat to master Spanish better.

Lingorilla. This platform offers a wide range of language courses each containing 20 video lessons with everyday practice and exercises. You can also use the integrated online dictionary and explore many grammar topics to progress in Spanish learning naturally. The materials are downloadable, which makes them convenient for use offline. Thus, by using the platform, you can easily obtain Spanish-language proficiency at the level of beginner to intermediate.

Babbel. Use Babbel if you are specifically interested in training the Spanish pronunciation skills, as this platform is geared toward polishing speaking skills. You can listen to content, test your reading comprehension, and find numerous exercises for writing and oral expression. Its affordable price is another advantage to enjoy.

Fluencia. The Fluencia platform is highly interactive, allowing you to take part in real-life Spanish conversations. In such a way, you can immerse into the Spanish-speaking environment and get speaking skills faster. The system also offers the SmartReview function that enables better memorization of learned content and gives you individualized feedback on the progress. Most importantly, Fluencia sends alerts to users to help them stay on track and not give up the studies.

Top Free Platforms to Learn Spanish

Live Lingua – enjoy this free collection of language learning materials for studying Spanish at any time, from any place. Here, you will find tons of useful e-books, audio, and video materials, as well as grammar content for learning over 130 languages. The portal is constantly expanding, so you will always find something useful for your language studies there.

Open Culture – this platform may be the best choice for those interested in the cultural and educational content in Spanish. Here, you can find much useful and free learning material compiled from governmental and university resources, from the public and private educational establishments. And what is more, all these materials are of proven high quality! So, it’s a great place to find some interesting content for your Spanish classes.

Internet Polyglot – the overall content of this resource is similar to others, but a pleasant bonus is a convenient function of customization. You can select both the language that you wish to study and your mother tongue. Such easy selection options enable you to find exactly the material that you need for studies without scrolling through hundreds of materials in other languages.

Streema – the major function of this platform is video streaming of video content in 100+ countries. So, you will hardly learn Spanish from basics to intermediate with this tool, but you will undoubtedly enjoy watching native speakers’ broadcasts in Spanish to polish your speaking proficiency.

EdX – this platform is undoubtedly one of the global leaders in free language learning, as it offers massive open online courses (MOOCs) to millions of students. You can both access random lessons to get some knowledge in your area of interest or pursue an entire course, gain credits, and finally get a certificate of the course completion from the Arizona State University.

Coursera – you definitely heard that name, as Coursera is a rock star among online course providers! This platform provides tons of useful materials prepared by world-known professors and experts, so studying there, you will always get a top-notch education from the best.

Any of the resources mentioned here are worth the time and effort, so good luck in finding your best learning source and getting the desired Spanish language skills! But don’t forget that feedback and review of professionals may definitely improve your language skills quicker, as a professional will streamline your progress and pinpoint the weak areas for you to master.