Top 3 Mods for Honda CTX700

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Equipping your Honda CTX700 might almost be as fun as riding it. True, nothing beats the feeling of the engine under your seat or the wind around your body as the miles whiz by. But shopping for aftermarket parts for motorcycles like your CTX700 isn’t just about utility and function. Whether you’re a brand new rider or you’re an experienced biker getting back to basics, a few recommended mod can help you start the process of customizing your road machine.

A Quick Guide to OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Having a little trouble sorting out the whole OEM versus aftermarket debate? Don’t worry. It’s not really a debate in the first place because both OEM genuine Honda parts and aftermarket components have their purpose and benefits. OEM parts are best for maintaining factory performance and specs on internal engine systems, pumps, servos, gaskets, seals and most electric components. Aftermarket parts are a great choice if you’re swapping seats, tires, controls, handlebars, sprockets or tweaking your bike’s exhaust system. Some riders also choose aftermarket for wheels, braking system parts and suspension components.

JT Sprockets’ Steel Sprocket

One popular bike modification is changing its gearing ratio. Usually, the purpose is achieving either faster acceleration with more bottom end or faster speed and more top end. Accomplishing the former requires either a smaller countershaft sprocket or a larger one in the rear. Conversely, achieving the latter goal usually means a larger front sprocket or a smaller one in the back. For either goal, JT Sprocket’s steel sprockets are an excellent choice. Both front and rear models are crafted from strong, lightweight materials, and every sprocket is heat-treated and sandblasted to cut back on material surface tension. The result is a modified gearing ratio without any sacrifices in the weight department.

BikeMaster Lithium-Ion Battery (DLFP-14ZS)

Changing the battery may not seem like a big deal, but this simple upgrade can bring major improvements. BikeMaster’s DLFP-14ZS Lithium-Ion Battery weighs only 2.4 pounds, which beats out the stock battery on most CTX700 models by almost six mounds. This battery also has more cold-cranking amps: 250, to be precise. This model is a champ in cold weather and as a bonus, it avoids the traditional lead-acid construction for safer, more eco-friendly power.

Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire

You eventually must change your tires, but it never hurts to upgrade from the stock editions. The Pirelli Angel GT Motorcycle Tire is a top choice among riders for several reasons. The Angel GT is W-rated for speeds of up to 168 mph or greater, but it’s also a favorite for balancing high mileage and traction. The key is its dual blend compound, which provides durability along with improved cornering.

Riders all have different goals for their machines, but most want better performance, a more customized appearance or enhanced comfort while on their bikes. The mods you’ve read about here for the CTX700 were suggested based on these common objectives. When you’re gearing up, make sure you choose a dependable powersports supplier for both high-quality aftermarket mods and the best Honda CTX700 OEM parts.