Tips to improve customer engagement by using email newsletters

To make friends with customers and keep them engaged in the brand and business, there is perhaps nothing better than email marketing. That the more than four-decade-old marketing technique is still highly effective in creating customer engagement bears testimony to it. And it is even the best means of building brand loyalty among your customers. Marketers can use emails to stay in constant touch with customers just in the way friends keep in touch with one another. They can keep them updated about what is going on in business through newsletters. Besides, email marketing opens the doors to expanding the customer base by reaching out to new customers. Customer engagement plays a critical role in earning revenue. Studies have shown that engaged returning customers become so much loyal to the brand that they keep making more purchases that push up the revenue by 23%.

The importance of newsletters

Newsletters are integral to email marketing and the most important tool to build and maintain relationships. It provides the opportunity to call on customers without any specific reason. To create awareness about brands and businesses, marketers use newsletters that help to communicate with customers about products and services and keep them updated. Advertisements and promotional emails can only provide narrow perspectives, while newsletters can build a broader picture that provides special insights which create closeness with customers. They can discover the business and brand in a new light by gathering information from newsletters.

By using Designmodo newsletter templates, you can create exceptional emails to deliver your newsletter to subscribers. But you must know how to create the most effective newsletter that can win hearts and make your business and brand special to customers through active engagement.

In this article, we will discuss what kind of approach you should take to use newsletters for improving customer engagement.

Use data analysis to judge the effectiveness of the newsletter

Creating a newsletter is very exciting, but it is most important to ascertain how effective it is in eliciting the right response from customers. By using marketing analytics, you can skim through enormous data and choose the relevant ones. This will help you to ascertain which newsletters or any particular sections are most effective so that you can work out the way forward to improve customer engagement. Data analysis will reveal a bagful of interesting information like the frequency of opening newsletter, how many people click on it and how many dumps it to the spam folder as well as how many people delete it without opening and what is the unsubscribe rate. The results will help you to know what is attractive to customers and what turns them off. To increase the click-through rates of your newsletter, including the content and style strategies that generate favorable metrics.

Versatile design for all devices

Newsletter designs are no more the book type publications that make monotonous reading with some images here and there. Newsletters have shed all its unattractive elements and undergone a complete makeover to adapt attractive but straightforward designs that suit all needs of optimization for mobile devices. The newsletter email templates used for sending newsletters have clean formatting that is easily digestible and renders beautifully on all kinds of mobile devices.   Mobile devices are in focus because the largest section of customers relies on it as they can open emails on the go. Sending newsletters with more assurance of subscribers opening it has become possible due to the templates created especially for the purpose.

To make newsletter designs compatible for mobile devices, use a single column layout that does away with the need for scrolling sideways and provide a short subject line. You can change the theme of newsletters at some defined intervals but always remember to keep a simple layout backed by high-quality content. It will ensure favorable display on the small screens of mobile devices that encourage subscribes to view it immediately.

Personalize the content

Email newsletters are different from traditional newsletters. It allows you to send targeted content to subscribers instead of just sending a one-size-fits-all type of content that does not resonate with them. The content of newsletters should generate a feeling of satisfaction among subscribers as they receive the content created just for them. To make subscribers feel special, you can include the person’s name and go to the extent of segmenting emails. It is a great way to personalize your email marketing campaign.

Email segmentation

To personalize your newsletter, you must first group your subscribers to create separate subscriber lists, which is what email segmentation is all about. Based on the data about subscribers, focus on factors like age, demographics, and purchase history to create different groups, and separate newsletters to target each group. Since you are addressing the specific needs of subscribers, they feel more enthused to consume your newsletter that shows products, news, and pieces of opinion that are what they expect. The content relevance determines how much customers would take interest to visit your website and make purchases.

What to include in the content

Keep in mind that newsletters have nothing to do with selling, but the focus should be on creating customer engagement. Once customers stay closely attached to the brand, sales would happen automatically as they tend to grow loyal. The content should be more informational that is relevant to the audience as well as the industry and customers. Customers expect to receive updates about business development and current events that help them to identify trends.

Newsletters are highly effective tools for establishing your authority in the industry niche. To achieve the goal, keep sharing infographics, blog posts, videos, and success stories that encourage customers to consume the content with interest. However, the task is not always easy, and you must have access to a pool of resources for creating appropriate content.

Newsletters have always been there for several decades. But the manner of its use has changed with time and now has become a vehicle for creating customer engagement. You can now take the brand to the audience with the help of targeted content that can set the money bags ringing.


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