Tips for Staff Taking Time Off Sick

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When you are in charge of a business, you know that there will be times when your employees need to take off work for an illness of some kind.  When people start to abuse this, you can be in for some difficult times.  Other workers will need to work harder in order to make up for the person that is abusing sick days and making it a habit.  In some cases, it can really hurt the business’s ability to make money.  If you are experiencing a problem with an employee that is frequently calling off sick, then you will want to do something about it.  Here are 5 great tips that you can use to make sure that this type of behavior stops:

1. Accurate Records

You want to keep accurate records that show the sickness record of a person.  You can use a spreadsheet in order to keep track of this or even a regular calendar however for easy tracking of all employees you can use Tracktime24.  When you discuss the issue with the person, you will need to have the facts with you when you communicate with them so that they are clear about what the problem is.

2. Policy

You need to make sure that your policy on absences is clear.  An employee needs to know when they are abusing their sick days.  Warning them of the consequences of abusing the policy is important.  You may want to include the proof from a medical professional when the employee continues to miss days due to an illness.

3. Returning To Work

When a person that is abusing sick leave returns to work, you will want to have a meeting with them the first day that they come back.  This is to discuss the issues that are present at the time.  You will also want to write a letter about what is expected from the employee so that they have to sign it and keep it in their employee file.

4. Training

You will want to make sure that the managers and supervisors know the sick time policy.  They can then tell their workers to watch their use of sick days.  It is known that doing this will decrease the number of absences in a huge way because they know that they will have repercussions for their actions if they don’t follow the rules.

5. Dismissal

When you have given the warnings that are appropriate, the employee can be dismissed from their duties for not fulfilling the contract of their employment.  Following the procedure carefully and in the right way will make sure that you are not going to receive any type of discrimination charge when it comes to letting the employee go.  Taking your sick time policy seriously is essential in continuing to operate a business in the world today.

Making sure that people are not abusing sick time can work out well when the tips above are used.  You will have a company that operates to the fullest extent that it can so that you can do well long into the future.