How To Paint A Door – Beginners Guide

If you have access to the appropriate tools and know what needs to be done, you can make the entryways to any room feel more inviting.

Basic Instructions

You might want to start by removing your door right away, but that isn’t the best course of action. Instead, you should measure the space between your frame and the door when the door is closed. If things seem fairly tight, it may be necessary to sand down the edges so that you can apply more paint. This is a pretty small step, but it can have a big impact.

Once that’s completed, you’ll want to take off the door’s handles, along with anything else that’s attached to it, like coat hooks. If you are painting interior doors make sure you have ordered your door handle packs. Make sure you use door stops while the hinges are being removed. This will keep the door securely in place.

TIP: Keep on screw on each of the door’s hinges so that the door’s weight will be supported. This will make it easier to remove the door.

After the door has been taken off its hinges, it should be laid flat on a sturdy surface. Use Sugar Soap to clean your door completely before the painting process starts.

If you’ve used enamel to paint your door, you’ll want to sand it until you no longer see a shine. You should wipe down the door to get rid of any dust. After that, you should apply Primer Sealer Undercoat to the door before you paint the door with your topcoat.

You’ll want to make sure your paint can is stirred before you start the painting process. This will give you a more even color. You should paint the door with a synthetic brush. Start by painting the mullions before moving onto the main panels. From there, you should paint the styles and the rails. Your last step should be to paint the edges of the door. In a nutshell, you’ll want to begin with the panels that are the shortest and work your way up to panels that are on the longer side. After you’ve finished painting the door, let it dry, and then turn it over so that you can paint the other side.

TIP: Paint the door quickly so that the paint won’t dry during the process. This will prevent streaks.

Don’t apply a second coat of paint until after you have lightly sanded down the door using 360 grit sandpaper. Wipe the door down completely.

That’s all you need to do. From there, you can clean up, reattach your door, add new hardware to complete the look and appreciate your beautiful new entryway.