Things you should know before getting a tattoo and rook piercing

Getting tattoos and piercings is very common in hip-hop culture these days. But it is not just the rappers who have been seen with insane tattoos and rook piercings, these things have been in different cultures since ancient times. People in India and Egypt have been seen with piercings all over their bodies. Tattoos can be seen in people from the United States, Mexico, Italy, Australia, Brazil, China, South Korea, and India. There are a few countries where tattoos are banned. This includes Iran, Afghanistan, UAE, and Denmark.

If it is your first time getting a tattoo and a rook piercing, we suggest you read the following before you go:

Always choose a professional and legal tattoo artist:

Getting a tattoo and a rook piercing is painful for the first time for many people. Therefore, we advise people to go to a licensed tattoo artist and piercing specialist. If you are at the legal age of getting a tattoo and getting it from a licensed artist, there is nothing wrong with it. But if the shop doesn’t comply with local safety laws, you shouldn’t go there. Check the legal age of getting a tattoo in your country and then go for it. For licensed and professional tattoos, check out BlackLine Tattoo & Piercing Shop.

Start with a small tattoo:

Tattoos are permanent but most of the feelings go away after some time. There is a high chance that tattoos will last until the day you die unless you choose to remove them or do a cover-up.  So, think hard and long before choosing a design. Don’t rush it. Choose a design that will make you happy even after years. We suggest you choose a small design, it would be good for first-timers. And if you want more tattoos, you can build a threshold by enduring a little pain.

The same goes for piercing. Try only 1 rook piercing with ear lobe piercing. If it is suitable and likable after enduring pain then get more.

Get an appointment:

It would be nice to know a little bit about tattoos before getting one yourself. So, if anyone has tattoos, ask them about the tattoo artists, techniques, and other things that interest you. Do some research on finding a compatible tattoo artist as well because the right person will understand you. Then it will leave you satisfied.

Be prepared mentally and physically:

Getting a tattoo or piercing is physically demanding but you should also be prepared mentally. Get a good night’s sleep and eat your meal before getting your first tattoo and rook piercing. There will be a pain but if you want tattoos piercing, you need to suck up the pain.

After getting the tattoo, you will feel like something is scratching you constantly. But endure it and use the ointment suggested by the tattoo artist. It may get swollen or red, but a tattoo will take 2 weeks to heal properly so wait a bit. If all goes well, you probably want to get more tattoos and piercings.