Taty Pink Paves The Way For Future Brazilian Superstars

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With the Brazilian music industry booming again, Latin artists are finally able to break through a market that once focused primarily on mainstream pop. From 2015, Brazil had seen a 3-year decline in revenue, until 2019 when the market began to boom with a 15.4% growth according to The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). 2021, has seen Brazil rank amongst the top 10 largest global streaming markets. Which undoubtedly places the South American country at the forefront of the Latin American music scene.

Brazilian artists bring a unique voice to the international music scene, adding a Portuguese flare that is not often seen in Latin American music. Artists such as Antonio Carlos Jobim, Sergio Mendes, Gilberto Gil are all immortalized in the music business because of their unique Brazilian charm and talent. Using their voice to showcase Brazil to the world by the unifying and universal power of music.

One such artist is 44-year-old Taty Pink, who sees herself smashing stereotypes as well as record sales. When asked about what drives her, she stated “ I’ve always heard people saying that after you’re 25 you are too old to get anything. But it isn’t true! While we live we should build our dreams and silence the negative voices trying to stop us. Believe in God and through him we should believe in ourselves and never stop. That’s the only thing I have in my mind.”

From a young age, Taty Pink knew that she wanted to be a pop star, a dream which became a reality when she claimed her rise to the top with the release of her first single, Coraçao Solto,  which translates to “loose heart.” If all goes as planned, Taty Pink also intends on wowing the public with the release of a Spanish and English album. 

The singer/songwriter and entrepreneur brings an exotic presence to the entertainment sector and her music echoes her personality in a way that only Taty Pink can. Her pop-funk flare gives fans a unique twist on the more common pop sound. Music that is upbeat and gets you off your feet is the best way to describe Taty’s sound. Taty Pink’s brave take on traditional pop will pave the way for future Brazilian artists to break out of tradition and find their own voice. Making it easier for those that come after to break into the international industry as well as making the most of their local recognition.

Who is Taty Pink

Growing up in a poor Sao Paulo community, Taty knew that could not rely on her parents to help her financially. Taty Pink eventually decided to take up residency in the United States of America. There she worked hard as a model and placed significant emphasis on educating herself. With qualifications in business, marketing, English, psychology, music, and acting before making her break into the music industry as an independent artist. Taty Pink, who had originally moved to Texas, decided that it would be better to lay roots in California because she was often traveling to the region for events, photoshoots, and partnerships with brands. Taty Pink used her knowledge and influence on social platforms to promote her music which has now reached worldwide attention, piquing the interest of numerous labels and artists alike.

The quadrilingual songstress advocates strongly for the minorities and is the proud mother to a transgender young man. She cares deeply about the rights of minority immigrants in the United States as well as for the safety of the LGBTQ+ community. 

Taty Pink would love to meet Phil Collins and Madonna one day and dreams of a collaboration with her idols. The multilingual, multitalented, music entertainer is on her way to join the ranks of other Brazilian greats, whilst paving the way and making the transition easier for those who wish to follow in her footsteps.