Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans (Samba)

(Copyright 2017, music and lyrics by Devon Goldberg, sung by Sami Stevens and John Castro)

SUNRISE: A SONG OF TWO HUMANS (F.W Murnau’s 1927 classic silent film) is part of an ongoing series of live re-score vinyl and digital releases by NYC band MORRICONE YOUTH. Set for release September 8th via Country Club Records and distributed by Light In The Attic/Revolver, this is the 4th album in a series of original and re-interpreted live scores – the first three releases being NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD (2016), THE ADVENTURES OF PRINCE ACHMED (2016) and MAD MAX (2017). The band has written original music and/or reinterpreted the music for fifteen silent films and midnight movies performed at various film theaters, art institutions and DIY spaces around New York City and up and down the East Coast over the years. It’s a somewhat unconventional project; not only performing in typical club settings (accompanying projections of scenes from corresponding films behind the band), but also venues able to accommodate special screening events with a live band. Morricone Youth will be on tour this fall, opening for the legendary Goblin at Baltimore Soundstage on November 11. Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans is available at Light In The Attic.


The Woman

Holiday village in the thistle, you’re my little lake town guy

From the hedges, nightly whistle; meet me with those puppy dog eyes

Moonlight visit, impassioned kisses…Now!

(She will never know)

Unsuspicious narcissistic, Embracing rolling ’round the reeds

Upon the Tilsit drown the Misses, drift away, secret’s freed

Sunrise, A Song: A Song Of Two Humans; The Woman The Man and The Wife

Sell the farmhouse, leave your ol’ spouse; City’s where we’ll start our new life

Sunrise, A Song; A Song Of Two Humans; Now!

Finally alone we could watch the sun rise


The Man

Shoes of lead weight, lingering sweetheart, we were once madly in love

Summertime playmate, reluctantly upstart; fled to the bustle above

Boarded the trolley, pondered my folly, Now!

(Please I beg of you)

Buy you flowers, (ply me with cake), wedding vows in the church we make peace

(Pose for a portrait), sit for a close shave, (knelt down on one knee in grief)

Sunrise, A Song: A Song Of Two Humans; The Woman The Man and The Wife

Joined in the funfair, Carnival games shared; City’s where we mended our life

Sunrise, A Song; A Song Of Two Humans; Now!

Finally again we’ll soon watch the sun rise


The Wife (Two Humans)

Sunrise, A Song: A Song Of Two Humans; The Woman The Man and The Wife

Drifting back home, capsized by the storm; those bundles are what saved our two lives

Sunrise, A Song; A Song Of Two Humans; Now!

Finally as one we now watch the sun rise