Stephen Paddock’s brother Eric called law enforcement dumb mother*****, said he and Paddock were smarter than most

LAS VEGAS — Eric Paddock, one of gunman Stephen Paddock’s three brothers told Las Vegas detectives and the FBI that he and his brother were smarter than the majority of people, according to the police department’s final criminal investigative report on the October 1, 2017, Las Vegas massacre.

Eric described the police as “dumb mother****.”

Eric Paddock was interviewed on several occasions after the massacre. The police provided a summary of those interviews in the final report.

According to the police, Eric was the only brother that spoke to Stephen Paddock.

Eric told the police that his father, Benjamin, had gone to prison for bank robbery when Eric and his brothers were young. He stated several times to investigators that his father was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted list.

Eric stated his brother Patrick has “mental issues” and his other brother Bruce, he described him as a “sociopath.” Eric stated that Paddock had limited interaction with their father after his release from prison.

The last time Eric had contact with Paddock prior to the attack was approximately two weeks before and that was via text message. Eric said it was not uncommon for long periods of time to pass without contact between them and continued to say that they would only speak when something needed to be discussed. The police report does not contain what the text message was about.

Eric said Paddock had no political or religious affiliations and was neither a liberal nor conservative. He did not believe Paddock voted in the prior presidential election. Paddock was not a religious person, did not believe in a higher power, and found religious people to be ridiculous.

Paddock graduated from college with a degree in accounting and later worked for the Internal Revenue Service. Eric believed Paddock worked for the IRS to learn how to hide income. Paddock later worked for an aerospace engineering company before becoming involved in real estate with family members.

Eric said his family including Stephen Paddock, and their mother Irene started a business together investing in real estate. They owned several properties together, including apartment complexes in California and Texas. The properties were sold for a substantial profit which was split between them.

After the sale of the business properties, Eric said Paddock moved to Nevada and began gambling. Most of Paddock’s activities centered on gambling. Paddock had a mathematical mind and would only gamble when he believed the odds were in his favor. According to Eric, Paddock had won millions of dollars gambling and was well known in Las Vegas casinos. He played mostly at the Wynn for the last few months. Because Paddock was so successful, casinos would no longer provide him free compensations.

Eric believed Paddock may have conducted the attack because he had done everything in the world he wanted to do and was bored with everything. If so, Paddock would have planned the attack to kill a large number of people because he would want to be known as having the largest casualty count, Eric said. Paddock always wanted to be the best and known to everyone.

Eric told investigators he and Paddock were smarter than the majority of other people. Eric told investigators he was in Las Vegas to help and show “how dumb you mother*** are,” referring to law enforcement. Eric believed Paddock would have planned every part of the attack methodically. Paddock would have a need for everything found in the room. Despite appearing unkempt and in poor health, Paddock was very detail-oriented.

Paddock would not have cared about the people he killed, Eric said. It would not matter their race, religion or sex. Eric described him as a “narcissist” and only cared for people that could benefit him in some way. Paddock needed to be seen as important and needed to be catered to, according to Eric. Paddock did not have anger issues and was passive aggressive toward those who angered him, he said.

Eric said he was upset with Paddock until he learned Paddock had removed the hard drives of the computers found in the hotel. Eric was upset because Paddock completed the taxes for the family and had cheated on them. Eric was afraid the hard drives would implicate him and his mother in tax evasion. Upon learning the hard drives were missing, Eric said several times maybe he did care for us.

Eric felt Paddock cared deeply for Danley and would do whatever possible to help take care of her. Eric expressed anger over the possibility of Danley having access to his monetary assets. Eric referred to Danley as a “gold digger.”

What else did Eric Paddock tell the police that’s not in the LVMPD final report

We don’t know everything that Eric told LVMPD police detectives and FBI special agents during their interviews with him, however, while reviewing some LVMPD officer’s reports that were released by court another report stood out.

It’s a telephone conversation that LVMPD Detective C. Stuart had on October 6, 2017, with Paddock’s brother. The name of the brother is redacted, however, based on the conversation and this brother talking about real estate business with Paddock, it is most likely Eric Paddock, not Patrick or Bruce.

Patrick Paddock told investigators he had no current knowledge of Paddock’s activities or state of mind due to having no contact with him over the last two decades. Patrick stated he had no interest in Paddock or any other family members.

Bruce Paddock told investigators he had no contact with Paddock or his mother for many years and had not seen Paddock since the early 1990’s and had not spoken with him for over 10 years.

Here’s an excerpt From the report:

On 10/06, 2017 at approximately 0740 hours, Detective C. Stuart of the LVMPD Counter Terrorism Section, initiated a telephone conversation with (redacted) at the request of Lt. Haas of same. (Redacted) was identified to me by Lt. Haas as being [redacted] of the deceased suspect, Stephen Craig Paddock of the Route 91 incident. Lt. Haas stated that (Redacted) had information he wanted to pass onto investigators of the LVMPD. I was provided the number of [redacted] by Lt. Haas. A male responded and stated, “This is (Redacted).” I identified myself as a detective with the LVMPD. He sounded very emotional and began rambling about how he may be the executor of his brother’s estate and how he wants to make sure that his brother’s assets are protected.

He stated that he would like to create a trust from the remaining assets of his brother’s estate that would go directly to the victims. He paused for several seconds and sounded like he was trying to keep from crying.

He went on to state that his brother was good to his family and even mentioned leaving assets to them, but he believes that his brother has no will. He talked about the condition of his brother’s residence in Mesquite, NV after the search warrant that was recently served and was concerned because the garage was destroyed.

He fears the homeowner’s association will try to place a lien on the property. He mentioned that there may have been casino chips within the residence and stated that he doesn’t know if police removed them from the property.

Again, he reiterated that he just wants to make sure that there is money left over for the victims. He paused again, tried to talk but was sniffling and took several more pauses before he spoke again. He stated that if he could just make sure that his brother’s assets will be safe he will go to the media and tell them his intentions of creating a trust and donating any remaining assets to the victims.

He stated that he is willing to cooperate with police. He sounded upset, and asked in a stronger tone, “why hasn’t anyone called me.”

He apologized and said I didn’t mean to raise my voice but that he doesn’t understand why we have not called to talk to him. He stated, “Is it the media, and is it part of your investigation?”

He again rambled about being the executor of his brother’s estate and how his brother does not have a will.

He then became emotional and slightly raised his voice again stating, “I want to help out, I see what the media is saying, of course, he scoped out other places.”

I asked what he meant by that.

He stated, “I don’t know anything else about that, I don’t know specifics about anything that happened.”    

He stated that he can help us, he has passwords to his brother’s electronic devices. He stated he worked as his brother’s IT person for 20 years. He stated that he sent a text message with several passwords to an “FBI contact.”

He stated again he doesn’t know why or how it happened but can help investigators understand how his brother’s mind works. He stated that he worked in real estate with his brother for 20 years, that he understands how his mind worked.

He stated that he would always call his brother to do the dirty work as a property manager. “I can tell you what type of gloves he wore, cotton brown garden gloves.”

He paused again, sounded emotional and stated, my mom needs his ashes, when will she get his ashes?

He stated, do you know he had an ex-wife, of course you know. He stated that she has a vested interest with his brother in a real estate holding here in Las Vegas, it’s called Paradise LLC. He again reiterated that it’s in Las Vegas. He stated that his family did business together. That he was in the real estate business with his brother, that they had property in Texas. He stated that it was a tough business. He stated they retired from real estate and that his brother retired with a lot of money. He stated that they sold all the family holdings including that of his mother.

He again stated that he could help detectives and explained how his brother’s mind works. “I know you guys are working with a profiler, I could talk to them and try to help them understand.”

He began rambling about how we shouldn’t be investigating any foreign entities. He said don’t worry about Saudi Arabia, you will not find anything. He stated that you may find something but only because he invested at arms distance or had shares in many real estate deals.

I asked him when the last time he was contacted by a detective was, he stated this morning by an FBI rep.

He stated, “do you know what he told me, why he hadn’t gotten back to me?” He said the agent told him that his phone had been on silent.

He stated that his brother didn’t care about what he looked like or how he dressed. Again he stated, “I will help you!”

He said he would come out to Las Vegas on his own expense. He stated he wouldn’t have to be provided housing because his in-laws live off Sahara Avenue, “but you already know this, you know a lot of things about me and my family, this conversation is probably being recorded.”

He stated, “I know I am a suspect, you can’t find anything, he has no tracks, he knows how to hide things.”

He went on to state that the piece of paper in his brother’s room at Mandalay Bay was not a suicide note.

He said it probably read, “Fuck you guys, you try to figure this out!” He stated, “He was fucked up at this point, fuck God, fuck civilization, just evil.”

He paused and apologized for getting so worked up. He started to talk in a softer voice and said, “no one knows what caused him to change, no one knows how his mind works, but I could tell you.”

He stated that people don’t understand, that his brother would purchase the very best rifle but wouldn’t like to shoot it because he wouldn’t want to get it dirty, to have to clean it. He wanted to make sure that it was pristine, so it would fire properly. He stated that his brother would by brand new cars all the time because the purchase would come with free oil changes. He said that instead of having to pay for an oil change he would just buy a new car because the purchase would come with more free oil changes.

He stated that he hopes someone will call him. He needs to make sure things are taken care of and that arrangements are made to get his brothers body. He stated that his mother would like his ashes.

I told him that I would make sure that this conversation is addressed. He said that we need to create a “safe word” so that he knows he is talking to the right people when we call again.

He said let’s make it “Stuart, Detective Stuart.” I told him that I would make sure that I pass that information along as well.

This concluded our telephone conversation.