Short Instructions on Hand-Washing Signs

Arrangement of convenient space for visitors, guests, and clients has always been an important concern for facility managers. The logic is simple: if you arrange a comfortable space, you will increase the probability that your customers will have positive experiences from staying there.

Specific types of information signs are quite important for fulfilling this purpose. Today we are going to explain to you some basic things about hand washing signs usually placed in washrooms or next to wash handstands. Let’s get down to business.

The Place to Buy High-Quality Signs for Washroom Signs

Naturally, the first question that concerns you right now is where to buy such a specific product at a reasonable price while enjoying proper quality. A wide assortment of hand washing signs is displayed on the Bsign Store.

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  • Customized manufacturing;
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  • A wide assortment of products even in such a narrow category as washroom signs: hand washing signs, women’s restroom signs, men’s restroom signs, uni-sex restroom signs, all-gender restroom signs, bathroom signs, wheelchair restroom signs, etc.

Considerations on Materials for Hand-Washing Signs

A material is an important feature of any interior element, including door and wall signs. However, in terms of hand-washing plates, these criteria should be prioritized. In this case, the choice of a material affects not only the look and the overall style of the wayfinding solution but a properly chosen material determines for how long a sign will serve within your space.

As you can guess from the product name, a hand-washing sign is supposed to indicate an area where people can wash their hands. Naturally, such an area might be prone to wetness and dampness, which might have a very negative impact on a wide array of materials over a long period.

Stainless steel and acrylic glass are undoubtedly the best materials for signs in a washroom. They are resistant to temperature fluctuations and physical impact. Also, they don’t require very complicated maintenance procedures — just wipe them with soapy water on a regular basis.

Attributes Relevant to Modern Hand-Washing Signs

Any signs are all about clarity and convenient navigation. To meet these purposes, a hand-washing sign has to feature the following attributes:

  • Simple but clear pictograms: Use easily recognizable symbols. A washing hand or a piece of soup depicted on a sign will perfectly tell its purpose.
  • Reliable mount: A sign inserted with the help of screws might last much longer than the one attached with tape or glue.
  • ADA-compliant fonts: If you want to make your space inclusive for everybody, make sure the sign complies with the ADA requirements. Use readable fonts and ensure smooth navigation for people with impairments by using Braille fonts.