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Rotation Manager: The Newest Innovation in Nursing Scheduling

One of the top complaints in the nursing field is consistent short-staffing because of scheduling problems.

A 2012 Health Affairs journal study revealed that 80% of US nurses were dissatisfied with scheduling practices and were experiencing increased job burnout. Short staffing adds unnecessary stress to an already difficult profession. Having no time to relax and care for oneself can make employees feel frustrated and unsatisfied with their job.

Apart from personal stress, short-staffing in nursing can also cause a lot of professional issues. For example, short-staffed hospitals force their staff to cover for co-worker absences, work longer hours, and take extra shifts.

Nurses believe that overwork may jeopardize patient safety, as well as their own well-being, through fatigue and fatigue-related injury. A 2015 review by the Minnesota Department of Health has linked low-staffing levels to higher patient mortality and failure to rescue. This is a result of missed nursing care and errors in drug administration.

Bridging the gap between nursing fundamentals and practice is crucial nowadays. Nurses cannot apply their school-based knowledge to a clinical setting when rotations are poorly staffed and organized. Nurses are not becoming more knowledgeable and stronger in their field, they are simply stressed.

For the past 40 years, this problem has been studied by researchers. The Nurse Rostering Problem (NRP)is “…defined as finding an (near) optimal allocation of nurses to shifts in a hospital.”

Various innovation and ideas have been introduced over the years, with little success.

Although short-staffing remains one of the biggest challenges that nurses face to date in their jobs, Rotation Manager is a solution to all these problems.

What is Rotation Manager?

Rotation Manager is the newest innovation to manage allied health and nursing programs, as part of Health Compliance Passport’s suite of Healthcare Compliance Solutions.

Best of all, it is available completely online.

Rotation Manager is a “compliance software is a user-friendly solution that simplifies the process of rotations of allied health and nursing programs, which can compromise compliance standards and create bad experiences for rotation managers, hospital nurse educators, students, and more, not to mention waste a lot of time, effort, and money.”

It was created by Max Cacchione and Enrique Triay, who realized that hospitals often suffered problems from nursing and student clinical rotations.

With 32 years of business experience between them in software projects for brand names such as Coca Cola and Hewlett Packard, and degrees from Cornell, Stanford, and Princeton in Chemical Engineering, Business, and Computer Science, Cacchione and Triay developed a solution to the problem of managing clinical rotations.

Benefits of Rotation Manager

One of the problems in managing an allied health and nursing program that hospitals and universities always face is that scheduling can be a nightmare.

Documenting student clinical rotations and nursing scheduling can be very difficult.

Rotation Manager can resolve these issues.

  • Reducing Paperwork – One of the main benefits of Rotation Manager is reducing paperwork. With information simply being logged online, efficiency is improved. Gone are the days of misplacing documents and losing track of important information that may be expiring and is in need of renewal.

  • Ensuring Organization – Rotation Manager ensures that all shifts are properly staffed. It also eliminates audit failures.

  • Ensuring Medical Standards – Rotation Manger has HIPAA compliant features. It is also complaint with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI).

  • Providing Security – Rotation Manager offers 24/7 security, a hardware firewall, database storage, and 256-bit encryption. Information is kept secure and is easily accessible.

  • Easy to Use – No installation is necessary, as it is a website application. Rotation Manager is user-friendly and offers a helpdesk for any questions. Training is provided and takes about 1 hour. It is also done completely online.

Most importantly, Rotation Manager places documents in a centralized location that is secure and accessible by all those who need it. It is Cloud-based, and constantly being updated. In addition, it can be accessed on any device with an internet connection.

How Rotation Manager Works

Using Rotation Manager is simple and very user-friendly.

Users simply click “Register” on the Rotation Manager website and are given a login name and password. This allows individuals to connect with all other nurses and supervisors in their department. Communication will now be easier than ever.

In the past, filling nursing schedules and paperwork was a difficult ordeal. Documents would expire and get lost. These days, technological innovations have made this a thing of the past. Rotation Manager is currently revolutionizing the way nursing schedules are created. Gone are the days of messy paperwork, and unfilled shifts, Rotation Manager allows for easy and digital centralized system.

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