Do police falsify reports to lower crime rate?

The police mentality of covering up the truth is pervasive among law enforcement, prosecutors and politicians. “Archangels” calls this corruption The Thick Blue Wall which is just the opposite of the Thin Blue Wall of police protection afforded Americans. Some examples include:

A young beautiful woman was found hanging by her neck in the shower and police claimed it as a suicide. That claim is completely contrary to the physical evidence that supports homicide instead of suicide and that the scene was “staged” — Why?

It appears that the bungled investigation into domestic violence that had occurred hours before would have cost millions of dollars in a wrongful death suit and could cost top level police management their jobs. The fact that police did not arrest the boyfriend for earlier domestic violence clearly shows culpable negligence on their part.

In another case the investigation of a woman’s recent death in St. Augustine, Florida by the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office clearly indicates murder and a false suicide classification. Witnesses heard two shots and two screams. The 24 year-old mother was shot in the mouth area with her live-in boyfriend’s service weapon (he was a deputy sheriff with the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office).

They responded and investigated the shooting and immediately called it a suicide. Investigators allowed the boyfriend to remain on the scene while blood was pouring out of the wound, soaking into the carpet. He actually pointed out where a bullet struck that carpet next to her body. The deputy’s step-father, an officer with Jacksonville, Florida Police Department, was also allowed on the scene. Allowing the agency to investigate its own deputy’s involvement is not only ethically wrong it reeks of corruption. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement along with a team of investigators, as well a private experts, now insist it is a homicide.

In yet another case, in Clay County, Florida, the suspicious death of another young woman in a tumultuous relationship was called a suicide. She was allegedly found by her boyfriend hanged in a tree with an extension cord wrapped around her neck. The young lady’s mother insists that police did not fully investigate the sequence of events surrounding her daughter’s death and had immediately called it a suicide.

The next case is from a mother who insists her son was convicted of murder when it was actually self-defense. In September, 2007 he was arrested and charged for 2nd degree murder of another young man. The two teenagers were involved in a fight after a series of phone calls where the deceased had been the initial aggressor. The two met at an agreed upon location with other people. A fight ensued and eventually her son began to walk away from the other when the deceased jumped on his back and began to choked him.

As he felt himself passing out he retrieved his knife from his pocket and stabbed the other who was choking him from behind. His hand with the knife had reached across the front of his own body and he stabbed the man who was holding and choking him. The police and prosecutors did nothing to confirm his version of the events through forensic testing and his own defense attorney did not attempt to confirm his claim of self defense.

The family eventually drained their financial resources and the attorney convinced the young man to plead guilty. This same defense attorney took a position as a prosecutor within a month of convincing the man to take the guilty plea.

There are many reasons for police and prosecutor cover-ups; reporting a false and lower crime rate, politics, police misconduct, prejudice, fear of lawsuits, the list goes on and on.

Enter the “Archangels” who will find the truth no matter how deep they try to hide it and will expose it for all to see. There are men and women in The Thin Blue Line that do a great job for the public. Then there are the ones that hide behind The Thick Blue Line and don’t deserve to wear their badges.

QUESTIONS: Are these cases suicides or homicides? What really happened? Did the killers get away with the crime and was an innocent man sent to prison? Should the actual killers be in prison and the officials who perpetrated the cover-ups be their cell mates? Stay tuned!