‘Para-Urban Detective’ Examines Otherworldly Encounters

(Image by Nick Magwood from Pixabay)

Editor’s Note: Is there a possible link between extraterrestrial alien encounters and the sort of ghostly hauntings human beings have reported since the dawn of history? Paranormal investigator Norman Gagnon believes there might well be, but he let’s the evidence speak for itself in his new book Para-Urban Detective: True cases from the files of a paranormal investigator.

Para-Urban Detective book cover: credit Norman Gagnon

We met and interviewed Norman Gagnon several years ago, at Maryland’s annual Mysteries of Space & Sky Conference, and were impressed by his innate French-Canadian candor and his unassuming demeanor. He told us then, “I cannot prove these events (I have investigated) have actually happened, but I trust the credibility of the eyewitnesses I’ve encountered.”

Para-Urban Detective is a window into a world of strange and unexplained sightings. A former Virginia licensed private detective with 15 years as a field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, Norman Gagnon has investigated otherworldly reports that have both intrigued and distressed countless sincere and credible eyewitnesses.

Para-Urban Detective also includes his full case report of the renowned Christopher Bledsoe Sr. abduction case of 2008.

Please enjoy the following excerpt from chapter eight of Para-Urban Detective. Para-Urban Detective is available as both an e-book and Kindle version from Amazon.

Cover of Darkness
“It is best to avoid the beginnings of evil”
– Henry David Thoreau

For years I have correlated many high-strangeness cases specifically to intrusive entities that breach through their dimension and into our world. These manifestations often take place in bedrooms and often in the middle of the night when the sleeping targets are most vulnerable. There have been many reports about people being attacked by supernatural entities for thousands of years throughout the world. In the past, they were referred to as the night hag, incubus, maron-demon (Old Germanic for nightmare), and so forth. More recently, the bedroom infiltration’s are entities that are now described as anything from shadow people to alien humanoids. Do these creatures have the capability to metamorphize themselves to any form they chose to suit their hidden purposes? Perhaps we are focusing too much on their outer appearance rather than their true intent.

Here is an example of what a witness would likely report during an interview that may lend credence to my hypothesis:

“I suddenly woke up and I couldn’t move my body, as if I was paralyzed, then I saw a [FILL IN THE BLANK] at the foot of my bed!”

This is a common account given by many who have experienced these hellish intrusions.

Another observation I would like to make is that in most cases, these entities seem to have the ability to control people cognitively and physically. Victims often report that they feel frozen in bed and many also feel intense pressure on their chests. These entities also appear to have the capability of communicating with their victims telepathically. After the terrifying experience, the being would frequently levitate off the floor to exit the bedroom by phasing through a wall or ceiling, leaving behind some confused and mentally shaken soul.

What exactly are these entities? Dare we give them such labels as aliens, demons, ghosts, or shadow people? I believe that the answer may depend on your core belief system, your personal philosophy, or your religious background. In my view, these creatures can manifest themselves as a form that may be based on our own worldview or cultural background.

These types of home invasions have repeatedly taken place throughout our history. There are several works of art and written testimonies that depict beasts in women sleeping chambers. The 1781 painting ‘Nightmare’ by Swiss artist Henry Fuseli captures the fear associated with such encounters.

It depicts an incubus sitting on top of the tormented woman trapped in her bed. Please note the diabolic horse in this portrait, as this may represent a symbol of the vessel that transported this beast into her chamber.

People that are not familiar with paranormal investigation may ask if there are any malicious intentions behind these nighttime incursions. Well, let’s see. They trespass. They cause paralysis. They violate our homes, thoughts, and well-being, all under cover of darkness. So, I would say that yes, there is definitely malicious intent.

In this chapter, I just skimmed the surface of the potential risks in experimenting with the “other side”. I have a question for the researchers or thrill-seekers who try to communicate with these spirits. Do you honestly believe that you will receive an honest and truthful answer-back? Take another look at the beast sitting on top of the woman’s torso (in Fuceli’s Nightmare).

I can see the appeal of joining a group of ghost hunters and going into an old, abandoned structure hoping to capture ghostly apparitions on film for your scrapbook or website gallery. What is your real intent? Are you seeking thrill and chills, or perhaps to prove life after death exists, or is the purpose of your investigations is to help tormented living souls who are asking for help?

* * * * *
Para-Urban Detective is available as both an e-book and Kindle version from Amazon.

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