Must Learn Ideas to Stay Trim and Slim with Wine

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Drinking alcohol does not make you gain weight. Eating while under the influence of alcohol is the one that prevents you from dropping excess pounds. Hence, there is no need to to give up wine to lose weight. Mindful drinking is the key. Here’s what you need to do to stay trim and slim with wine.

Eat before Drinking Wine

Drinking water before meals might be a great diet routine. However, if you want to lose weight, do not drink wine before eating. Studies show that wines increase appetite when consumed thirty minutes before eating.

If you are that person, who loves to cook while drinking, split your glass of wine to two serving of three ounces each. If you do not want to feel the effects of wine, take it on a full stomach. You’ll be more likely to absorb all the calories, though.

Drink Wine at Early Night

Resist drinking wine too late at nights. Alcohol acts similar to carbohydrates in one’s body. If you sleep around early midnight like at 12:00 am, stop eating and drinking around 8:00-8:30 pm. This way will let you have a higher quality rest.

Improves Metabolism

Setting up a diet means increasing metabolism. It is recommended to take a walk early evening as it is a natural decompression. This way slows down people’s need to feed as well as the impulse on drinking.

Help increase your metabolism for up to 70-90 minutes with wine. Make sure to drink water when drinking wine or other liquors. As alcohol is diuretic, causing people to lose water, doing so will maintain the balance of water in one’s cells.

Learn Wine’s Calorie Content

Calorie levels on wines vary due to its unique calorie contents. These numbers of calories are dependent on the alcohol content in wines. Alcohol gives seven calories per gram. In brief, the more alcohol a wine have, the more calories it has.

There are also other wines, such as sweet dessert wines,  that are high in calories, but low in alcohol. These drinks tend to have sweeter taste due to the extra sugar it contains. A single 5 oz of this wine can have 236 calories, which is 12% of all the calories one should consume in a day. Its sweetness leads to more calorie intake.

The average calorie content of a wine is approximately 24 calories per ounce, though. Hence, a glass with five-ounce wine would be around 109-130 calories. To determine how many calories a five-ounce wine has, identify the percent alcohol then multiply it by  12.

Moreover, 13-year research composed of almost 20, 000 women concluded that average-weighted ladies who have been moderately drinking amounts of wine were less likely to gain weight than those who did not.

Also,  wine is a toxic substance, so human bodies digest the ethanol in alcohol differently compared to how we digest food.  It is not all converted to energy. If you are drinking at a level higher than your body can metabolize alcohol, you may likely not absorb all the wine’s calories.

Heavy drinking means daily having three or more glasses for a man, while two or more glasses for a woman. Moderate drinking is recommended that refers to two glasses for men, while one to two glasses for women.

Make a Wine Spritzer

Making a spritzer is one of the ways to lessen calorie intake. A usual wine spritzer has roughly 100-120 calories due to the zero-calorie feature of club soda. To do it, get a half-filled glass of wine, pour ice over it, and top it off with any club soda.

Choose the Best Wine

Low carb and calorie wines that have minimal impacts on one’s daily nutrition is the best wine to take for weight loss. Dry Sparkling White wines, Merlot, Pinot Grigio, or Sauvignon Blanc are wines that are good to take to lose weight. Avoid drinking sweet wines as these drinks have higher carb and calorie counts.

Pair Wine with Healthier Alternatives

If you aim for losing weight, pairing wine with cheese, dried fruit or nuts is double kill. Look for the healthiest option on the menu. For instance, one apple has 95 calories, so it is best to pair it with a glass of Chardonnay. Another, you can have 106-calorie popcorn with your Sassicaia or a 185-calorie sorbet with champagne.


Many dieticians recommend making a calorie budget every day so that one can enjoy wine without consuming unnecessary calories that he or she should need to burn. It is suggested to find out how wines will work within one’s diet. You should also expect that there will be sacrifices to make in certain areas. However, rest assured that every sacrifice brings success.