Most Romantic Restaurant in Baltimore for Dating

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Baltimore is a great city to live in, especially when you have someone to share the amazing scenery it offers. However, for many people, finding a place for a date with fitness singles in this city is a difficult task. If you belong in this category, you are in luck.

Baltimore offers you a ton of restaurants you can go on a date at the most affordable prices. All of these locations are so comfortable that you will be taking your date to the next level in no time. In addition, lots of single women tend to visit these restaurants, so it is an ideal option for men seeking women for relationships.

Now, let’s look into a few of the top restaurants available to you.

Sotto Sopra

This is also called “From Farm To Table” restaurant or the “Dalla Fattoria Alla Tavola.” To get to this restaurant, you need to take a brief stroll from the Inner Harbor, into the neighborhood of Mount Vernon where this exotic beauty is located. The restaurant was opened by Executive Chef Riccardo Bosio, as a location to display his native northern Italian dishes while incorporating local ingredients. The recipes offered by this restaurant are of high quality, innovative, handcrafted, and fresh. All of which have been tried and tested by many satisfied customers.


Do you like meals made with local ingredients? Then Aldo is the place to be. Its dishes are made with local and organic ingredients which are commonly found in local Italy. Enjoy the signature dish of foie gras-wrapped tournedos Rossini with wild mushroom sauce with your date for the best experience. You can also support this with A jug of Chianti wine to get the exquisite finish.


Are you in search of a place to have a romantic dinner with your love interest or partner? Look no further as Charleston is the place to be. This fantastic restaurant got four stars from both AAA and Forbes. Baltimore magazine also accorded it with the title of the #1 Best Restaurant. This goes to show you the level of quality you should expect if you visit this establishment.

The owners of this fine establishment are always more than willing to prepare a highly romantic dinner for you and your date. All of the items found on the menu, come with a suggested wine you can pair alongside it for the best result.

Woodberry Kitchen

This establishment offers you an exotic dinner for two while providing support for local agriculture. This is because the restaurant leverages resources and harvest from the “growers of the Chesapeake.”

For dinner, you can try out the fantastic oysters offered by Woodberry Kitchen. If you want something lighter for dessert, try the Butterscotch Pudding or Calville Blanc.

La Tavola

This is another fantastic restaurant to dine in Baltimore. Here, you can find some of the best and most exotic Italian cuisines. The chef known as Carlo Vignotto is classically trained and utilizes his skills and experience to craft delicious pasta, chicken, soups, and appealing deserts. If you want to offer your date a unique treat, you can pick the Selezione di Menu Dello Chef Carlo, which comes with Primi, Antipasti, and Secondi.


This is a very intimate location. It is made more intimate because it is able to accommodate no more than 15 guests at a go. The establishment is operated by a husband and wife team. The menu offered by this restaurant is continuously changing between a range of fresh seasonal and simply prepared cuisines and traditional Tuscan.

You can start your date with an appetizer of smoked trout or chicken liver. There are many entrees that range from chicken roulade to Rocketfish millet you can dine on.

The Black Olive

If you want a fantastic setting, the Black Olive does not disappoint. It offers a dining room setting with dim lights that amplify the intimacy of a date. Besides, they offer some of the freshest fish you can find in Baltimore. If you want to take your date further, you can have your meal in the private wine cellar offered by this restaurant. With over 3,000 varieties of wine available, you and your date are sure to find something you would enjoy.

B&O Brasserie

This restaurant can be found in the new hotel, Monaco. It is a luxury space that provides you with lots of meals to pick from. The menu is adequately prepared and extensive. Enjoy a selection of chicken, beef, pizzas, and seafood, alongside lots of innovative cocktails that are sure to wow your date.

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