Design on a Dime! 10 Ways to Save Money While Redecorating

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Ready to redecorate? Interior design doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are ten must-have tips on how to save big while redecorating any room in your home.

If you want to redo your room on the cheap, you must approach the project differently.

Instead of transforming the space, aim to make your old stuff look new. There are many ways to minimize costs, such as heading to a thrift store and keeping it DIY.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, we’ve got your back. Here are ten ways to save money when redecorating.

1. Research and Determine Your Budget Beforehand

It’s wise brainstorm home decorating ideas on a budget. Once you know the boundaries on your wallet, you’ll figure out which areas to redecorate and invest in. For example, you could find a significant piece to take center stage and set the room’s theme. Then, after checking your budget, you can continue the project with a better idea of how much to spend.

2. Rearrange the Furniture

You can change the look and feel of a room with a quick re-arrange of furniture. If your couch is the first thing you see when entering, move it against the opposite wall to open up the room and create a new focal point.

You can also bring pieces from other places to switch things up. Or take some furniture out to nail DIY room decor.

3. Maximize Your Existing Furniture

Furniture looking a little drab? If so, re-upholster furniture with new styled materials or find suitable slipcovers.

There are many ways to repurpose your furniture without breaking the bank. For example, you can transform a bookcase from dresser drawers. First, remove all the drawers from the dressers, paint them your desired color, and mount them onto the wall to create a bookcase. Piece of cake!

4. Buy Secondhand

For affordable home decor, avoid buying new furniture or accessories for your room. Instead, use these options:

Thrift Stores

Larger thrift stores sell home furnishings and accessories. Or head to smaller thrift stores for items like lamps and glassware.


Freecycle is a worldwide network of local groups giving away their old stuff for free. You can find anything from bar stools to mirrors, handy for redecorating. To sign up, head to and enter your location. You can also head to Dealwiki for top deals on furniture and home accessories.

Reuse Centers

Visit your local Habitat for Humanity to find materials leftover from old buildings. Here you can search through furniture and appliances at a fraction of retail price.

5. Use Paint

Decorating on a budget?

Luckily, paint is an inexpensive way to transform a room. It has the power to make a dingy room look fresh and welcoming. You don’t have to decide on a single color as there are many effects you can choose from, such as:


Tape off sections of the wall and paint between the taped lines to create horizontal or vertical stripes. You can paint stripes of one color, let it dry, and then wash the area between white or a contrasting shade.


For the more ambitious redecorators, give your wall an ombre effect. First, paint the whole wall a light color and leave it to dry. Next, apply a darker shade of the same color to the bottom two-thirds of the wall. Once that’s dry, paint the bottom section the darkest color.


After a subtle but textured look? Once you’ve painted the wall, cover it with a translucent glaze either clear or tinted. Then apply the varnish, in short, random brush strokes, so it looks more natural and less uniform.

6. Use Wallpaper

Wallpaper is as versatile as paint, and you don’t have to cover the whole room. It’s great for cheap decorating ideas, and you can use wallpaper in many ways:

In Nooks and Cabinets

Paint the walls and leave the small section to be wallpapered. One roll of wallpaper can cover a little nook or cabinet and is a delightful addition to any room.

On Furniture

Add wallpaper to cover drawer fronts or a wardrobe door to add color to the room.

As a Backsplash

Renovating a kitchen is expensive if you want a tile backsplash as the focal point. Instead of tiles, use wallpaper as a decorative backsplash with splash-proof vinyl wallpaper. You can choose from a selection of patterns and wallpaper is just as durable as tiles.

7. Lighting

Lighting doesn’t have to be costly. Get cheap table lamps, overhead fixtures, and floor lamps instead of splurging on a statement piece. Remember, you can customize them with paint or add fabric details so they tie-in with the room.

8. Accent Lighting

Use accent lighting to enhance your favorite artwork and photographs for a refined look. Accent lighting adds warmth to the room, whether it’s a wall light, ceiling light, or table lamps.

9. Make Your Space Look Bigger With Mirrors

Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and designs and can make your room appear bigger and brighter. For example, put a group of mirrors of various shapes and sizes with different frames for a collector’s look.

10. Invest in Multi-Functional Items

Invest in multi-functional furniture pieces to save as you redecorate. Ottomans are great as they serve as additional seating and as storage. Or find a side table and split it into two seating units.

Redecorating on a Budget is Possible, Are You Ready for the Challenge?

Redecorating on a budget lets, you find more creative ways to revamp your room. Instead of overspending, head to thrift stores and hunt for home accessories or repurpose your current furniture. Not only will this help your finances, but it adds authenticity to your home, making it sincerely yours.

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