Emotional and behavioral responses to changes in interior design in different age groups

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Do you want to redesign your house? Great idea! But before you begin, please read this article because responses to changes in interior design vary in people depending on their age. So some of your family members will be just as excited about it as you are, while others may get quite depressed over it. To prevent your idea from turning into a disaster like black magic love spells destroying your family, we suggest that you read this article very carefully.

Children under 8 years of age – They are always excited about any renovation ideas, especially if their rooms are going to be renovated to their taste. Thus, your daughter can dream of living in a castle-like a princess, which needs to be taken into consideration while choosing a design for her room, while your son can be a fan of some Marvel superhero, so his room needs to be designed accordingly.

Children aged 8 to 12 – This is when children face their first real-world problems so they are quite sensitive. If they find out about your plans to redesign their room, they can consider it an attack on their privacy and you a servant of black magic plotting against them and trying to ruin their life.

So maybe it is better to postpone your house renovation. If you want, you can change the wall colors and redo the floors, but try to avoid radical changes and make sure the furniture stays exactly where it has always been.

Teens aged 12 to 18 – Now that their childhood fears and insecurities are gone, they are excited to get to know the world, themselves, other people, and relationships. So this is a good time for a radical renovation of your home. Your teenaged son or daughter will probably not even notice it.

Age 18 to 23 – This is when new fears and insecurities develop as this is when your children realize they are becoming adults, so they have to find their place in life. This is when your decision to leave their room as it is will be taken by your child as one of the love spells. Their room is their only island of stability and security where they can come back over and over again knowing it will always be the same.

Age 23 to 37 – The most favorable time for any experiments with interior design. Your idea to redesign your house will be completely supported. Moreover, everyone will want to participate in and contribute to the renovation, however, their ideas will be quite unconventional.

Age 37 to 50 – Psychologists call it a period of “stagnation”. People get too tired at work and they cannot stop thinking about the purpose of life which is very tiresome too. As a result, they get scared even thinking about starting a renovation. They want just one thing – to be left alone. So the best way to get their support is to promise them their help will not be needed and their life will not be affected by it.

Age 50 to 70 – This is when people are perfectly aware of who they are. They know what kind of house will make them happy. They do not need to experiment anymore, so it is almost impossible to talk them into trying something new. As a result, radical interior changes work like a black magic love spell for them. To reach a compromise, offer them to design their room, according to their taste.

Older than 70 – People at this age are rarely excited about doing any renovations. They do not want to change anything because their old house is like a museum for them filled with memories. By renovating it, you will erase their life and take away the key thing proving they had it – their house. So be very careful bringing up a renovation to such family members.

To reach a compromise, use the tip mentioned above – offer this family member to keep their room the way it is. Moreover, promise not to throw out the things which are for any reason important to this family member.

Of course, there are some exceptions to these rules. For example, some seniors enjoy doing renovations and could do it every few years, while some men and women in their 30s are terrified by the fact that they will need to change something about their house. The rules still apply to most people so take our advice to avoid relationship conflicts while renovating your house.

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