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Understanding How To Invest In Real Estate

Real estate investment is one of the less risky investments that people think they need a huge capital to start. However, as much as there are options that need high-income levels, there are others you can start from as low as $500. For some people, whether it’s purchasing a condo or going into the market and trying to start a real estate empire, they seem to think it’s like a dream.

For the last 50 years, real estate investment has grown to become one of the most profitable businesses that anyone can think of. It, however, can be a little complicated than investing in bonds and equities. As an investor, therefore, you need to understand the basics of the business before investing in it.

Sometimes, investing may call for applying for loans in the hope that they get approved. Your credit score needs to be high for you to qualify for some loans. You can check out Crediful.com on how to deal with low credit scores, how to improve, and many more.

In this article, we’ll make you understand the various ways you can invest in real estate.

Rental Properties

This is probably the oldest way of investing in real estate. You buy or build a property and rent it out to tenants. As the homeowner, you have to maintain the property, pay land rates and taxes, and also pay off the mortgage if there is any. You may also be in charge of listening to tenants’ complaints about leaking pipes or faulty air conditioners.

As such, you will have to charge enough rent that will help you cover all those expenses and get some profit at the end. You can consider hiring a property manager who can help you with property maintenance and collection of rent. This is an added expense and furthermore. However, managing the property allows you to learn and run the property. It prepares you even to manage bigger houses.

As you consider getting properties to rent, choose a location where you are sure to get tenants, e.g., near a university. Here, the students, as well as the staff at the university, are possible tenants. Beach houses are also a great place. Choose your location wisely.

Crowdfunded Real Estate

Real estate has long been a preserve of the wealthy investors. This is because putting up a property or purchasing one requires a substantial capital investment.

Crowdfunded real estate has changed this. Now you can invest in real estate with as little as $500. Here, you lend your money to a real estate company or agency who uses your money to buy the property. You are later paid the money with some agreed interest. And to make it better, you can invest in different projects at the same time, thus diversifying your returns. Some online platforms and companies help investors do this.

RealtyShares is an online platform that allows you to invest. The site connects real estate companies that require funding to meet with investors who buy shares in their projects.

Reit is a company that investors use to buy stocks in real estates. After that, the investor will be enjoying the profits made by the real estate company without really owning a property.

Real Estate Trading

Investors here are a little different from those who buy properties to rent out. Investors, who practice real estate trading buy property, hold it for some time and then sell it later when the price is favorable. This is a short term technique of making profits. The method is also known as flipping.

The flippers deal with properties that are in areas where they are sure to get a buyer quickly. Some flippers do not put any investment to try and improve a property so that they can sell it. The property must be in a state that is sellable and will bring profits.

However, other flippers will buy a property that requires a little refurbishment. They buy the property at a low price; they renovate the property to add value and then sell it at a profit. This process can take a little longer.

The risk with flipping is that the longer you hold it, the lesser your profit will be. This is because you will be paying off the property’s mortgage while not getting any income from it. Some flippers prefer living in the house as they seek to sell it to cut on the cost. This is a good idea provided your stay will not lead to more costs for you like repairs and maintenance.

Rent Out Space

You can dip yourself into the real estate business by merely renting out that extra room or space. It could be a garage, basement, or a spare bedroom. You can decide to take long term clients or those who will stay for a short time and then leave. You can use a site like Airbnb to get clients. Your responsibility will be to maintain the room and ensuring that your clients are secure and comfortable.

In conclusion, real estate is an investment option to consider. It can be a great source of passive income. The beauty of the real estate investment is that its value increases with time. It may require some research and capital investment at the beginning, but in the end, the returns are fantastic.

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