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Milena Djankovich on what mothers can learn from support groups

There are various reasons why mothers join support groups these days. But first of all, it’s important to know that there are several motherhood-related support groups out there, and even more, can be found on social media.  According to RockerMama president and co-founder Milena Djankovich, these support groups may tackle general motherhood problems such as health or can be as specific as a group who are referring babysitters in a specific area.  Regardless of which group a mom joins, she is in it for two things: to learn and to communicate.  According to Milena Djankovich, here is a laundry list of things mothers can learn from support groups.

Motherhood knowhow:  One of the most common reasons why moms join support groups online is to ask questions or to know more about a certain experience they are having, explains Milena Djankovich.  Online support groups with hundreds or even thousands of members across the country can be a mother’s version of Google.  They can ask any question and get several answers in a matter of seconds.

How to de-stress:   While motherhood is and will always be a serious business, support groups often have content that helps mothers release tension, notes Milena Djankovich.  These can be in the form of funny stories, witty anecdotes, an adorable picture, or just a good old post venting on the hardships of motherhood.  According to Milena Djankovich, finding ways to de-stress is always important for moms, especially new mothers.

Health tips:  Health tips can be categorized into two segments as far as these support groups are concerned; health tips for babies and health tips for moms.  Regardless, both can be extremely useful for all moms.  Having information on health is invaluable as keeping both moms, and babies healthy reduces the risks of falling ill and spending a lot on medicine and hospital visits, notes Milena Djankovich.

Supplemental knowledge:  These groups are also a good source of supplemental knowledge.  In big groups, some moms would post information on which baby carriage she would recommend and why, post profiles of past baby sitters and their ratings, experiences with a new food product for babies, motherhood hacks that moms can try out, or even share certain clothing brands which feature matching clothing for moms and their babies. According to Milena Djankovich, having this supplemental knowledge is never a bad thing.

While mothers can learn much from support groups, it is also invaluable for these members to remain active to help fellow mothers who will be joining in the future, as well as current active members.  Motherhood knowledge should always be shared with those who need it, explains Milena Djankovich.

RockerMama president and co-founder Milena Djankovich started the venture with her husband, Mladen, as they searched for a practical solution to rocking –one of the most exhausting yet cherished tasks of motherhood.  She and her husband found the answer in The Ready Rocker™, a cost-effective and comfortable product that allows mothers to conveniently rock their babies virtually anywhere.


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