Marcus Debaise Offers Survival Tips for Small Business Owners Reeling Under the Impact of Covid-19

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay 

We understand that small business owners have experienced the most negative impacts caused by COVID-19; however, it does not automatically imply that there are no more opportunities for them to sustain and grow in these dire circumstances. Remember that it is human nature to fight back with grit and determination when confronted with obstacles and challenges. This is, perhaps, the perfect time to not look back but to move forward with confidence and enthusiasm. This is the best time to consider devising an effective plan, establishing a support network, and moving forward with purpose and clarity.

As a small business owner, you must show tremendous leadership qualities in these distressing times. You need to focus on extending compassion and comfort to employees so that everybody comes up with unique and creative ideas for ensuring the success of your business. You must motivate and help your team to work hard and move forward together. Marcus Debaise strongly believes that you must encourage and motivate your team to work together seamlessly despite operating from a remote workplace.

Some Smart Business Tips Discussed By Marcus Debaise to Sustain & Succeed

Keep Updating & Adjusting Your Marketing Stratagems

As the coronavirus pandemic is spreading at an uncontrollable rate worldwide, it is speculated that there will be a dramatic increase in the number of individuals willingly self-isolating in their homes. This fact implies that it is important for your brand to deliver relevant and compelling content while consistently relating to the current critical circumstances. You must realize that there is a huge demand for light-hearted, uplifting and informative content. This could be the perfect time for relaunching or releasing something that utilizes experiments.

As nobody can predict when the pandemic will end, you could leverage worst-case, average-case, or even best case scenarios for anticipating probable changes, which can assist in making alternative decisions and taking alternative steps. You must ensure that your market remains fluid as well as ensure that your messaging is relevant to certain constant changes that could impact your overall customer base.

Start Using Automated Lead Machines

According to, if you are not already implementing automated lead processes; this would be the right time to do so. In the event of an economic downturn, you would be required to sell twice the amount you were selling previously. This could prove to be incredibly challenging without automation. Automation could prove to be helpful in drastically minimizing the amount work for you and your team.

Create Perfect Content

During the lockdown or self-isolation, more and more individuals are speculated to be online during the next few months constantly checking updates regarding the economy and the coronavirus. Moreover, most businesses are implementing work from home on a temporary basis. Therefore, the content on your website, ads, marketing materials, etc. must be created efficiently with an aim to gain a competitive edge. Considering that there is a global competition for engagement, creating compelling and powerful website content, you should be able to gain a competitive advantage for attracting your precise target audience.


In order to keep your small business running smoothly and successfully, you must follow the tips discussed above. It is imperative to remain in continuous communication with your clients and being present if they need you.