LOFT Grand Opening party at Canton Crossing

Its 5:00 in the evening, you have just gotten off from work; however, the entire office has decided to attend happy hour at a local bar. Your first thought is well I don’t want to go because I’m overdressed and I didn’t bring a change of clothing. This is the thought that many women may feel when working in a setting that requires you to wear business attire that often attends happy hour after work.

It was this thought that came to mind when I attended a Grand Opening Party for a specialty retail store that offers business attire that transitions from office wear to night time fashion for the woman on the go.

I had the pleasure of being invited to the Canton Crossing’s, the LOFT Grand Opening Party November 14th. Although this is not my first time ever attending a Grand Opening Party for a store, I was not sure what to expect when entering the LOFT. Pleased and impressed with what I seen from the outside, I could imagine what I was in store for when I went inside.

Courtesy of Kathy Freundel
Courtesy of Kathy Freundel

Upon entering the store I could feel the electric vibe and ambiance and couldn’t wait to go inside. There was a DJ pumping music that was located near the entrance doors, beverages and light refreshments were being served to customers throughout the store by wait staff. Photographer Kathy Freundel and stylist Stephanie Bradshaw were on the scene to help customers get that picture perfect moment for that seasonable, daring, and classy ensemble.

With Christmas right around the corner the way the customers were shopping I felt like it was Christmas Eve in November. Everyone was smiling, mingling, and of course shopping. There was a prize drawing for customers by just simply filling out a card and dropping it in a box.

However, it wasn’t until I was able to settle down that I started noticing the fine apparel this store had to offer. Whether you were looking for something with a little sequence, lace, leather, gold, silver, or shear the LOFT covered all aspects of this area. I was amazed at how versatile the attire was.

Depending on the type of accessories one could dress up or down their wardrobe for any occasion such as business meeting, reception, or after hour cocktails. As I stood to the side and people watched, I noticed the professionalism the LOFT staff provided to each customer that walk into that store.

The high quality of the clothing this specialty retail store has to offer to its customers allows them the opportunity to feel confident and secure about their purchase. By doing so, the LOFT ‘monitors and audits its suppliers they partner with to make sure the products they make are made ethically.’

LOFT Staff Courtesy of Kathy Freundel
LOFT Staff Courtesy of Kathy Freundel

As I am not sure how many specialty retail stores monitor their suppliers when it comes to their products, I am impressed with the fact the LOFT monitors its products sent by suppliers, because not only do they care about their customers but they care enough about the workers who make their products.’

With the same concept and purpose as Ann Taylor, which is to ‘inspire and connect with women to put their best selves forward everyday.’  the LOFT  was originally called Ann Taylor LOFT.  Ann Taylor is a sister store of the LOFT; however, Ann Taylor LOFT was initially created to target women with a more casual look than Ann Taylor.

As years pass the LOFT developed into its own brand where it began catering to a younger female audience’.  ‘With over 984 stores including Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Factory Outlet, and the LOFT outlet stores it’s brands are available in more than 100 countries worldwide online.’

Contrary to anyone’s belief that you have to wear a suit to a business meeting, if you’re ever near a LOFT specialty store, stop by  and allow one of their personal stylist to work with you when putting your next business meeting attire together.

Not only will still be able to maintain that professional look when attending a business meeting, but you will still turn heads by dressing it up or down just by accessorizing for that after work happy hour meet up.