Inventor, Businessman, Author, and Thought Leader, Meet Jarl Jensen

The use of robotics combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI) has created a set of opportunities and challenges. The wealthy reap the benefits and enjoy a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. On the other hand, it is creating severe issues for the working class. Automation makes the survival for many more difficult. Today, many jobs that once demanded manual labor and human thinking have been replaced by technology. It saves time and effort but reduces the number of jobs. Jarl Jensen, the author of “The Wolfe Trilogy” and founder of Inventagon, sees a new approach where technology benefits everyone.

In an interview, he shared his views about the rapid implementation of automation across all industries. He stated, “Automation is taking jobs away while innovation opens doors to opportunities, but it’s not balanced and leaves the majority no better off or even worse off.” A firm believer in the power of innovation, Jarl Jensen is one of those individuals who works tirelessly to conceptualize, execute, and invent. The world is amidst a digital transformation, creating opportunities and giving rise to problems. Jarl is a man with a unique perspective who sees the bigger picture. He states, “Eventually the economy will spontaneously shrink because there will not be enough good paying jobs which means there will not be enough reasons to borrow money which is necessary to create economic growth.” While the world enjoys the convenience of high-tech solutions it fails to look at its darker side. This situation hurts the economy, a subject that Jarl thinks is important to bring into the light.

Courtesy photo of Jari Jenson

An Innovator Ready to Rewire the Economy

While the world believes that the American economy is powerful and free of flaws, the reality is a bit different. Jarl realizes the seriousness of the situation and considers it his duty to help Americans understand the truth by painting the real picture for them. To aid his purpose, he authored a book called, ‘Optimizing America,’ which is part of the book series “The Wolfe Trilogy.” With a different perspective about the American economy, Jarl plays the role of a thought leader and is working to bring all Americans on the same page.

Being an innovator and inventor himself, the 50-year-old Jarl believes that new tools are needed for the sustainability and prosperity of the future. Extensive automation across all industries is significantly reducing the number of jobs and taking away job opportunities. The rising unemployment rates and loss of high-paying jobs is causing severe damage to the quality of most people’s lives. Taking this situation under consideration, he stresses that doing the same things will only lead to the same results. The economy must be structured to produce better and more sustainable results.

Thanks to his father, who was also a mentor to him, Jarl realized the importance of innovation and invention. By playing the ‘invention game’ with his father, he was bestowed with the capability to think differently. He describes the game in the following words, “The game required us to come up with unique ideas for odd objects.” At the age of 16, when he was about to graduate from high school, he was named on his first patent.  The innovation proved highly successful and turned into a full-scale company, which he sold in 2009.  “It was a very stressful, unbelievable time … Staying up all night, just making things happen, making the first shipments go out the door. I remember basically sleeping at the factory, just to make all that happen.”

As he was an innovator himself, he could see how progress had a dark side. He states, “Better, faster, cheaper means automation and replacing employees with machines…. replacing people with automation. I see this very broadly throughout the economy. I see large swathes of people, jobs being replaced by technology.” While shedding light on how automation is both dangerous and beneficial for the economy, he states that innovation can lead to the creation of opportunities. Innovations lead to the establishment of new businesses, which leads to the creation of job possibilities for people.  However, the economy needs new tools to ensure that everyone benefits from new technologies.

He was quoted saying, “the idea is we need to create more job opportunities, because if there’s an infinite amount of work to be done, well then there should be an infinite amount of opportunities to take on a job to do that work.”

Born in New Jersey on July 22, 1971, Jarl Jensen is implementing innovation through Inventagon. Even though his company focuses on developing biotech devices and investing in ideas of a similar nature, he is helping people push their ideas into deliverable products. He believes that innovation is needed at the top echelons of the country’s economy.  Jarl believes that innovative new financial tools can help create a sustainable future while creating meaningful work for people and increasing the number of job opportunities. Several media platforms have referred to him as “The man who would ‘engineer the economy’. He is an inventor, entrepreneur, author, and thought leader who works to paint the real picture for the people”.