Installing a Sunroom on Your Home – Tips to Be Aware Of

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One of the most common complaints homeowners have is that their house lacks in space. While this may be okay on a day-to-day basis, and there is enough space to get by, the moment you think about entertaining that lack of space becomes a very real problem. This has been a huge driving force in the popularity of outdoor entertaining. Outdoor living is a way to extend a home’s living space and perhaps even convince you that there’s no need to move to a larger home.

But what if you don’t necessarily want to be in the open outdoors? Perhaps the heat is too much for you in the summer, maybe you get a lot of rain where you live, or you’re just not a big fan of insects. If that’s the case, then a sunroom can be the perfect addition to your home. It provides you with the sense of outdoor living, as sunrooms tend to have screens/windows you can open, yet you are not fully exposed to the elements.

Before you go ahead with your plan to build a sunroom, here are some tips to be aware of.

Address the Temperature and Install a PTAC Unit

The first issue to address is the temperature in the sunroom. Sure, the room will be protecting you from the direct rays of the sun, so it will automatically feel cooler, but unless there is a breeze that you have blowing through, they can feel a bit stifling. A great solution is to install a PTAC unit. A PTAC unit, or a packaged terminal air conditioner, is ideal for sunrooms and add-on rooms since they are a self-contained system.

These are typically installed in window walls, which is simple enough in a sunroom. If budget is a concern, PTAC4Less offers refurbished units, which will save you a bundle but still perform like new.

Go as Big as You Possibly Can

The next consideration is the size of the sunroom. What’s the perfect size? That’s simple – it’s as big as you can possibly accommodate and afford. It’s not likely that you’ll encounter someone that complains they have “too much room” in their sunroom, as you’ll always find a way to use it.

Obviously, the size will be determined by zoning laws in your town/city, your budget, and the size of your yard.

Install Windows that Open and Allow for Airflow

Here’s another tip that relates to the comfort in the sunroom, and that is to ensure the windows are openable. This allows you to get airflow, even have a cross breeze blowing through, and give you that sense that you are indeed outdoors.

Décor Finishes Off the Space

Then there is décor, which truly finishes off the space. This will bring the room together and create flow between the inside of your home and the sunroom itself.

By following each of these tips, you’ll be able to create a beautiful new space that you, your family, and your friends can enjoy.

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