iMind for remote teams: pros and cons

When people hear about remote work they perceive it differently. Some feel anxious about how they will find a common language with their colleagues without seeing them. Others worry about the quality of mutual understanding between the team members during the work on projects. These questions refer us to a single point – we need to use all the benefits of video conferencing tools for managing teamwork. What advantages exactly does the iMind platform have, and what inconveniences you may need to handle?

Why is video conferencing so important?

When talking about the baseline reasons why video conferencing technology is so demanded nowadays, we need to remember all the circumstances and tendencies that have led the world to the need for remote work. It’s obvious to name the pandemic of COVID-19 as the reason for such considerable changes, but in fact, it’s not that simple. If you look at the general tendencies prevailing in the world at that time, you’ll notice:

  • Movement of globalization. It is a complex of factors, historical, sociological, economical, and political, that affects every sphere of people’s lives. More particularly, it made many companies look for cooperation abroad which is the direct reason for frequent business trips and other work conditions that bring difficulties.
  • The speed of life. Almost every source and media that spread information that touches on lifestyle (one way or another), was publishing articles and papers dedicated to time management lifehacks and the influence of such a busy schedule on our health – physical and mental.
  • The demand for quality. The market becomes more and more demanding, which makes people think more about how to do their jobs better. But even though we’re so considered about productivity and efficiency – everyone knows speed is barely combinable with quality. This contrast causes constant fear of failure which is a persistent source of stress and anxiety. 

The combination of these three aspects was the background for video conferencing to become a game changer. 

Pros and cons of the iMind platform to use for remote teams

Regarding the above mentioned points, we can understand better why iMind holds its position so strongly:

  • the platform is simple – it does not overload our minds with another tutorial to handle;
  • the tool is reliable independently from through which device you use it – high-quality connection, sound, and video are available through the desktop app, mobile app, or a browser;
  • the solution provides all the baseline features for no charge – simultaneous screen display, conference recording, inviting up to a hundred people, and creating up to ten rooms;
  • charged options are complete packs for business users – online chat, custom subdomain and branding, prioritized support, live streaming, etc.

People who used iMind underline that it was perfect to complete their professional tasks (see G2 reviews). Of course, the platform has some lags, but it is not a systematic disruption caused by the incompetence of the iMind team.

Go to and see all the details of how the platform functions. When you try it by yourself, you’ll realize the difference!