I Need You Too (inspired by Jill Scott’s ‘The Fact Is (I Need You)’)

I know you are the queen

Capable of doing all those things

But there’s a certain strength that a man brings

Purpose being a specific need

There’s a certain order to things

We both have a role in the structured family

These roles, however, have been obscured by society

Reason being the destruction that it brings

Each of us fleeing from our combined destiny

Each of us seeing ourselves the dominant being

Reaching for the reigns to assume the role of king

For you it’s because you’ve been forced to be

Both roles when it comes to raising seeds

Always having to do things independently

And us men collectively

Haven’t taken responsibility

For us it’s because the way we were conditioned to be

The deck stacked against us exponentially

Forcing some of us to make our way illegally

Ending up in the penitentiary

Or the cemetery

For mistakes it seems we had no choice but to make

And… Some of us are just aren’t ready

I, for one, understand your needs

And I’m willing to be what you need me to be

Just love me unconditionally

And have patience with me

Please don’t let fear interfere

Let faith allow you to persevere

When things look so bleek

Let love be the glue that binds me and you

And always remember that I need you too


(Feature photo by Larry Luxner: Young lovers in Brazil)