I make a pretty good Cigarette Girl; What do you think?

I have learned that one of the many benefits of having interesting, talented friends is that they always ask you to do fun favors for them.

Some times I forget how to pose for pictures because I am so used to being behind the camera, this was one of the few good ones. Don’t you think? By the way, hats are by Black Lily Custom Creations.

My friend SaDria is a stylist in the Washington metropolian area. She does hair makeup for all kinds of events as well as working at P R & Partners in Virgina. She asked me to participate in an event that was a 1930s to 1940s Saloon-themed comedy. The show called Jonathan Darden’s Big Show Spectacular featured Angelo Tsarouchas and included Noel Elgrably.

It was held recently at the Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre in Arlington Virgina.

SaDira asked me if I wanted to be a Cigarette Girl for the event. Now, when I say Cigarette Girl I mean a glorified costumed concession girl. No cigars or cigarettes were distributed at this event much to the audience dismay.

We only had Cotton Candy, popcorn and boxes of assorted candies, though patrons were pleased that some of the candy were nostalgic such as Boston Baked Beans.

I was a little disappointed we were not selling candy cigarettes but what’s a girl to do?

What a great show – a fashion dream!

Obviously I said yes to her offer.  Wouldn’t you?  You know me.  I am all about  any opportunity to get dressed up and get paid for it, especially when involves such a fun classic look as the cigar/pin up girl.

It is also a nice change to have someone else  be in charge of how you look. It is exceedingly nice when it is some one as creative and talented as SaDira. I had no problem putting my fashion faith into her hands for my two recent evenings as the Cigar Girl.

This close up shows some of the details of the hair makeup and accessories.

There were three of us Cigar/cigarette/candy girls including  SaDira, and her friend from work.  Everyone including male and the female audience members were really impressed with how authentic we looked and were really pleased and entertained by the whole concept.

I would say the only hazard of the job was the fact that boxes of candy are much heavier then cigars and cigarettes.

There is absolutely no neck support when a brown ribbon is the only thing holding up a tray of heavy concessions. That and walking down stairs in high heels when you can’t see your feet is also an unpleasant part of the job.

The event went above and beyond everyone’s expectations. It was such a fun show. Every thing down to the music playing in the lobby was a throwback.

SaDira stayed in character all night. This is a full body shot of her sporting the heavy candy tray. I love the modern touch her tattoo’s and pink hair adds to this classic look.

I was really impressed by how much SaDira was responsible for the show’s success, she not only put together our costumes, but she put together some beautiful outfits for two girls to be greeters in the lobby as well, and altered all the dresses for the cancan dance that took place between the comedy acts.

The outfits: Here’s the scoop.

  • Fishnets
  • Black high-waist American Apparel shorts
  • Corset/bustier
  • Above the elbow satin gloves
  • Antique jewelry
  • Veil and hat

She has a great eye for detail and absolutely thought of everything right down to the jewelry, which I appreciated. She provided beautiful antique jewelry to perfectly accent each outfit.

I am so lucky to have met, and now worked with SaDira because not only is she talented, she is also genuine and personable. I consider her a kindred spirit.  She refers to herself as  “Not just a stylist but, a Crafty B#*ch Extraordinare” and I would have to agree.

I am so excited to work with SaDira again in the future. I plan on using her skills to style a lookbook for Ear Candie’s new earring line. If you would like to see some of SaDira’s work please check out her Facebook page SaDira’s Vintagie Do’s & Makeup.

(Feature photo: SaDira and I having fun in between shifts)

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