How to Write a Polite yet Professional Cancellation Letter

A cancellation letter is mainly written at the time when you want to cancel some order or subscription or any other thing that you were supposed to take. Cancellation letter can be for any reason such as canceling a rent agreement, a meeting, a legal contract, an appointment, an order that was placed, a subscription, reservation and for any such purpose.

It simply means the end of the contract. Hence, you will need to write a cancellation letter at every step of your life. But while writing the cancellation letter you must remember that you are causing some kind of damage to the other party in one way or other.

So, under such condition, it is very important those remain polite and keep your tone low while writing the cancellation letter. Another thing that you need to remember while writing the cancellation letter is that you always have to mention the stipulated time period within which the cancellation procedure will be completed.

Apart from that, you should always give a justified reason for the cancellation of the subscription. That is the reason why most of the people find it tough to write a cancellation letter, as they are not aware of what to write and what not in the cancellation letter. In this article, we have come up with a sample and some tips for writing a cancellation letter in a polite manner. Some more samples are available in this site, which you can check for better understanding.

Sample for writing a polite and professional cancellation letter

The following is a standard sample of professional cancellation letter that you can follow whenever you will need to write a cancellation letter for any purpose:


<Your name>
<Your Address>
<Your Contact No.>

Date : DD/MM/YYYYformat


<Name of the representative of the Service Provider>
<Address of the Service Provider>
<Contact No. of the Service Provider>

Subject: Cancellation of the <Subscription that you need to cancel>

Dear Mr. <Last name of the representative of Service Provider>,

This letter is with regard to the cancellation of orders which I had placed on behalf of my company in order no. [The order number of the subscription] dated [Date on which order was placed].

With this letter, I would like to kindly request you to cancel all the orders and delivery of the items that are mentioned in the order number [The order number of the subscription]. I would like to bring to your kind notice that there has been a change in the management of our company and accordingly there are changes in the plan of the company for the manufacture of certain kinds of products. As such our company will no longer need the items that you had provided to us earlier. Hence we are forced to cancel all the orders that we had placed on [Date on which order was placed] in this regard.

We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience that is caused due to our decision of cancellation of the order. Kindly intimate once the cancellation is done. Please feel free to contact us in case you need any further clarification for the settlement of the order.


<Your Name>

<Your Designation>

<Your Company Name>

Tips for writing a polite and professional cancellation letter

Whenever you write a professional cancellation letter you must remember the following essential tips:

  • Whenever you write the cancellation letter it is very essential to put the contact information and the organization’s name in the letter. This will help the other part to easily determine you and take the action immediately.
  • You must give a valid reason for the cancellation of the order. While writing the letter you must ensure that the other party will be well convinced with the reason that you have given for the cancellation of the order. But you must also make sure that you do not end up in putting any wrong statement as it may lead to some legal consequence.
  • If there is any kind of cancellation fee then you must provide it to the other party and mention it clearly in the cancellation letter that you have already given the cancellation fee. Another most important thing to remember is that you should request the other party to intimate you once the cancellation is processed.
  • It is true that the other party will have to bear some kind of financial loss for your cancellation. Hence, you should apologize to the other party for all the inconveniences that are caused due to the decision of your cancellation of the order.