How to start dating again: 5 Powerful tips to get you back out there

When a relationship concludes, all sort of emotions can be triggered. If the split has been a long time coming, there is bound to be an element of relief. There might well regret, but also excitement, as you anticipate the ideal relationship which might be waiting around the corner. The bottom line is it’s only natural to feel apprehensive about entering the singles market again, so here are five powerful tips to help you on your way.

Don’t rush into anything – make some plans

Many people who find themselves single again after any length of time will face a barrage of advice from friends or family. As if the notion of being ‘on the shelf’ somehow reduces you to some sort of social pariah, you may well be deluged with suggestions for blind dates, or singles bars you should be attending with immediate effect. A powerful tip: tell your well-meaning acquaintances to back off. Start dating again when you feel ready, not for anyone else’s sake. Take some time thinking carefully about the type of person you’d like to connect with. Compose a wish list! The point is, the power is in your hands.

Relax into dating

Too often the pressure to start another relationship can become stressful. When you do go socializing with friends and fail to connect with someone – or worse still, latch onto someone unsuitable just for the sake of not being alone at the end of the night – there could be a sense of failure. How do you overcome this? It’s actually quite a straightforward tip. Get it into your head there needn’t be anything traumatic about dating. Relax. Just enjoy going out with your friends. Someone new and interesting might cross your path when you least expect it.

Take new initiatives onboard

A great idea for anyone looking to get back into dating is to take the opportunity to start afresh. Rather than going to any of the venues you used to go with your last partner, think of expanding your horizons. Try a restaurant serving some national dish you’ve never tried before. Take up a new hobby. Join a club. Perhaps the most powerful recommendation of all: sign up to a dating site like this and start to flirt online. Here you’ll find yourself mixing with a diverse cross-section of singles, all of whom are committed to connecting within this relaxed environment. You have so many choices of sites, depending on whether you are looking for no-strings-attached encounters or a long-term partner.

Look after number one

One drawback of being ‘an item’ for any length of time is complacency. When you’re with the same person it’s only natural to feel at home with them, to the extent you spend less time fretting over your personal appearance. You get used to lounging around in scruffy clothes or making less effort to look your best. Once you’re single again, you’ll have to start upping your game. If you’re going to be playing the field once more, you’ll need to ensure you’re well-groomed. Take the opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and get a new haircut.

Be open-minded and optimistic

Much as you will have been used to your ex-partner’s personality quirks and particular outlook on life, socially and politically, when you go out dating again you really need to wipe the slate clean. So be prepared to throw any preconceptions out the window when you start encountering prospective partners. And always approach any possible romantic situation from a starting point of positivity. If things don’t work out straight away, think of the mantra ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained,’ and move on.