How to Reduce Anxiety and Stress Naturally

We all live with far more stress today than our parents or grandparents did. Society is moving at a faster pace. More Americans work out of the home, juggle traveling back and forth with getting kids ready for school, cooking, keeping house, playing weekend chauffer to children’s birthday parties and school events, extracurricular activities, grocery shopping and normal stresses associated with job.

These routines are ruining our mental health and leaving us stressed to the absolute maximum. Some people are actively seeking ways of reducing their stress before they burst.

Side-effects of stress are anger issues, inability to focus, emotional break-downs that may include crying in the shower or turning to excessive drinking or even seeking drugs to find a way ‘out’ of the mindset and stress levels. Addictions are often borne of stress and the need to escape from it.

Five Constructive Ways to Reduce Stress      

1. Get a massage – relieving the stress that builds in the deep muscle tissue is a great way to rid your body’s stress. Stress can become toxic and actually cause illnesses and symptoms to wreak havoc upon your body and your life. Headaches, muscle aches, misalignment of the spine due to tensed muscles, indigestion, and much more can be symptomatic of stress.

You may look into paying for a membership to one of the newer massage franchises that are popping up around the country that allow you to pay one price for massages all month long.

There is little that is more relaxing than a good massage, with essential oils or hot stones, to ease your mind and your stress.

If you’ve never treated yourself to a massage, or if you have an issue with removing clothes and getting a full-body massage, try simply getting a good foot massage. The feet take a pounding every day, especially for women who wear heels daily. A foot massage can ease your entire body.

2. Exercise – Talk a walk, go for a run, a bicycle ride or garden to help you reduce stress. Being outside in the sunshine and breathing deeply are excellent ways to rid yourself of stress naturally. If you aren’t big about hitting the gym, just taking a hike in the beauty of nature will do wonders for your health and your soul. Tension and stress can melt away when you take those quiet moments for a kayak on the lake.

If you find that you are experiencing anger as a by-product of your stress, you may want to consider taking a kickboxing class or a high-energy cycling class that will really work your body to exhaustion and release all of that pent-up energy. That is likely the main cause of angry stress. Punching a bag instead of your co-workers is always a better choice.

3. Get more sleep – Most people don’t get the sleep that they need to be getting every night and this plays a huge role in moods. You can’t function correctly when your body isn’t given enough time to reset every night. In your sleep, your body is rebuilding and replacing nerve endings, muscle tissue, repairing joint damage, and doing ‘systems checks’ all night long.

When you short-change yourself on sleep, you deprive your body of the time it needs to make repairs, grow new cells, heal itself and more. Your brain cannot function at optimum levels without enough rest. Reaching deep sleep is the only way your body is able to rejuvenate so make sleep an important thing in your life.

Plan for it and utilize sleep aids and routines when necessary. A nice hot bathe with some Epsom salt before bed is a great way to relax and be able to sleep. Using aromatherapy with lavender or chamomile is a great way to relax for bedtime. Reading a book puts some people to sleep faster. Whatever it takes, do it. Make sleep a priority.

4. Eat properly – The body is a very intricate engine, made-up of multiple systems. It needs fuel to keep all systems functioning at proper levels. When your body is slowly starved of the nutrition that it needs, it gradually begins shutting systems down as it conserves energy for priorities.

When the body isn’t getting enough fuel, perhaps your immune system suffers? It might be brain activity that is slowed, or metabolism, growth, weight management, energy levels, depressed moods and more can all issue due to poor nutrition. Many times, we look for outward symptoms, but it is far more like to see issues be internal.

Cancer may even be due to not getting proper nutrition, so take care to eat your greens and get those antioxidants that your body needs to boost immunity.

5. Incorporate Supplements – All of the above can be hard, it’s true. Add things to your routines that can help. Vitaleaf naturals CBD free shipping products are a wonderful addition that naturally reduces stress and relax the body, while simultaneously boosting the immune system with antioxidants.

CBD teas and muscle rubs can bring relaxation when you most need it, even CBD bath bombs in the bathtub. These types of supplements to your life will help you sleep better, relax more, maintain healthy weights, and ease pain that might be hindering your ability to get outside and enjoy the sunshine and get that much-needed exercise.

Getting sunshine should also not be written off. The sun is a key factor is the body’s ability to metabolize important vitamins and minerals to help you function on the inside. It isn’t as easy as checking a gauge on a car.

Learning what your body needs can be tricky, but with a small amount of effort in just these 5 ways, you can feel better and relieve the building stress that causes underlying anxiety issues.

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