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Why CBD is exploding into wellness products

Many years ago, CBD was considered by many to be the equivalent of marijuana. Both are derived from the hemp plant, after all, and the two substances bear a few similarities in the way they impact the mind and body. Both CBD and marijuana were regarded as controversial drugs with many people actively advocating against their use for medical purposes.

However, times are changing and the truth about CBD is becoming apparent. More and more governments and individuals are recognizing CBD for the medical wonder that it is, and the resulting CBD wellness products, including oils, tinctures, edibles (including the best CBD gummies), and other products that have emerged since are simply amazing.

CBD vs. Marijuana

CBD has become acceptable to use in more social circles, largely thanks to the debunking of certain myths. The first myth is that CBD is the same as marijuana. It’s true that they’re both created from the hemp plant, but their makeup and physical effects are starkly different.

You see, marijuana contains high levels of the psychoactive chemical compound THC. It’s this component that delivers a “high” when users are under the influence of marijuana. In order to get high from THC, you need a minimum of two percent in each gram of pot.

CBD has little or no THC content. In fact, in order to be sold legally in the United States, it can’t contain any more than 0.3 percent THC. This trace amount will have no psychoactive effect on anyone using it. In fact, those who use CBD for its medical benefits often report no side effects from the drug at all.

Although there is still controversy surrounding the use of CBD and there’s minimal research to prove its effectiveness, many people are coming to know the benefits of using CBD. It’s being identified as its own class of drug, separate from marijuana, and wellness products arriving, as a result, are just the beginning.

CBD Wellness Products Abound

CBD comes in a variety of product types that can be used in many different ways. Some of the most common are:

  • Oil
  • Wax
  • Isolate
  • Crystals or sheets
  • E-liquids
  • Capsules
  • Gummies and other edibles

Each of these products goes through a careful production process that eliminates or minimizes THC so that it’s safe for consumption. The CBD industry will continue producing products in varying varieties as people continue to purchase them, explaining the rapid growth of the industry.

When buying products, it’s important to only make purchases from reputable companies who carefully process their CBD products to remove THC.

CBD Health Benefits Become Clear

The clearest reason behind the explosion of CBD wellness products simply goes back to the many health benefits it offers. Preliminary research and anecdotes from fans of the drug can’t say enough good things about all it has to offer. Here are some of the most popular wellness advantages of CBD.

Reduced Inflammation: One of the most obvious medical benefits of CBD is its ability to reduce inflammation. It seemingly intercepts neurotransmitters that send more blood flow to areas of the body that are in distress, similar to the way NSAIDs work.

Lessened Pain: Because it reduces inflammation, pain level tends to decrease for those taking CBD. What’s more, it stimulates the endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for sending pain receptors to the brain. It tells your brain that you’re not in as much pain as you think you are, so you can find peace from your pain and suffering. The pain reduction effects have been compared to those of prescription painkillers without the side effects or addictive properties.

Stress Relief: More than 77 percent of people report feeling extreme stress at least once per month. CBD has an incredible calming effect. Popping a single CBD gummy into your mouth when you’re having a rough day can lead to greater relaxation for the next 12 hours or more.

Mood Improvement: Although you’ll never get the good-mood high you get when using marijuana, it does seem to have some properties that improve your mood. Those who take it regularly report feeling happier and more satisfied with work and personal life.

Mental Health Benefits: With depression and anxiety affecting so many individuals and the associated medications so often missing the mark for patients, there’s clearly a need for better mental health treatments. CBD could be that treatment, as it’s shown very positive results in turning around depressed moods and calming feelings of anxiety.

Disease Prevention: The FDA recently announced its stamp of approval on the first ever prescription CBD drug that’s designed to help epilepsy patients find relief. CBD has also shown promising signs at helping to prevent the spread or onset of certain diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease.

There are enough studies to support the effectiveness of CBD in each of these categories, but the really convincing evidence comes from those who have tried CBD and love it. Since more than 80 percent of consumers look for recommendations from others before trying a product, it’s clear that word-of-mouth marketing is helping to fan the flame of this unstoppable industry.

CBD Business Market Explodes as Well

Along with the apparent health benefits of the substance, CBD simply makes good business sense. According to a GlobeNewswire report, the future is very green with cannabis products everywhere. Data shows that the industry grew 40 percent in 2017 to $367 million, and it’s on an upward slope that doesn’t have a peak. In fact, it’s projected that the cannabis industry will reach $75 billion by 2022.

More and more states are legalizing marijuana, which means that nationwide acceptance of CBD is becoming a reality. People are buying the products, despite the lack of research and FDA-certification that promises it’s effective for all the health benefits listed above. It turns out, their approval is not necessary.

When there’s money to be made in a business, products will continue to be produced and sold. CBD does have its health effects, but it’s the outpouring of consumer demands and high profits that fuel the fire beneath this rapidly-growing marketplace.

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