How to prepare for the first year studying in college

For many students entering college means a lot. It is a new phase, greater independence and sometimes living far from home. This increases the number of responsibilities and tasks every first-year college student faces.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that getting into college entails getting out of your comfort zone.

A freshman year is sometimes accompanied with common problems every first-year student face. Let us take a look at them:

  • Sleeping disorders. It is a common problem, which can be corrected by trying to get busy during the day. In most cases, during your first year of college you will spend a lot more energy during a day than before and, therefore, you will sleep better.
  • New relationships. The initial year of college is an important time to start developing a relationship with other colleagues. It can be a good idea to sign up for seminars or classroom activities that address your personal tastes and concerns. People met there would probably have the same interests as you.
  • Failure in studies. Generally, during the first year in college, students may have not as high grades as they wish. In this case, you must avoid dramatizing a situation and work on your mistakes.

Now let’s take a look at some tips for college freshmen we prepared for you!

1. Do not miss the first few days

The introductory days of classes at the university are usually filled with presentations and introductions to the subject which can be boring and monotonous. However, do not make the mistake of missing it, because it is at this point that you will meet more new people, and this will facilitate your integration.

2. Learn to study

Studying for tests and doing college research is different from how you do it in school. This will be your most serious case about content. It is important that you leave a bit of laziness aside and focus on reading. Discover your learning style, which will help you focus on goals.

Begin to study more from the online resources where you can find recently updated information, but you use only confirmed materials from reliable websites. For example, if you’re studying architecture don’t miss to check insightful articles about engineer Fazlur Rahman Khan on They are on the numerous subjects that will surely be covered in your study program.

3. Organize your materials

You will be frightened by the volume of books, texts, and materials that are shared and requested to be written. At university, the first days may be useful in the latter. A simple way to organize yourself and not accumulate much paper is to use an online study program.

4. Organize the time

At the beginning of the course, it will be useful to prepare a study calendar and organize your routine with classes, hours of work and leisure activities. The organization is the key to success, and if you start studying in advance, you can save a lot of headaches at the time of the exams.

5. Get involved in college activities

The university is much more than classes and exams. It is a concept that offers multiple possibilities for academic and personal development. Get informed about different projects, groups and university associations and if there is any activity you like do not hesitate to participate.

6. Do not be afraid to clarify doubts, but do not exaggerate

Asking questions in class is important because it can help solve many questions and also give a good impression to teachers. However, the excesses are never positive. Do not become that person who is always with his finger in the air.

7. Accepts diversity

When you start university, you will meet people of all ages, races, nationalities, and ideologies. Do not harm anyone and try to learn to the maximum with others.

8. Do as your teacher would do

As you will see, every teacher has his way of explaining, organizing concepts, solving mathematical problems, etc. Try to adapt to your teacher and take the exam in the way you think he would like. That is how he can feel identified with your answers.

9. The balance between studies and fun

The initial year is the time when you want to do it all! But better take it slow. You should enjoy your studies, but do not think that your day is going to be disconnected from a party. Make sure you rest well.

The university is an unforgettable time of life. Take advantage of every moment and try to combine school performance, organization, and common sense, but do not fail to share the unique friendship experiences you can have in your primary year of college.