How to enjoy Camino De Santiago with toddlers

We simply cannot deny the fact that walking the Camino de Santiago is an incredible experience but is it safe to hike there with toddlers? There is no doubt that a Camino Trip can feature so many wonderful activities for young children but we always tend to think that long hikes are not among them. This is quite incorrect. However, you have to consider some really important things.


Obviously, toddlers cannot walk 15 kilometers during a day. Because of this you need to carry the child. There are different options like baby carriers for hiking and baby wraps. All are quite cheap and are designed in a way to allow the toddler to stay awake or fall asleep, all while being extremely comfortable.

If you go on one of the available Camino tours, make sure that you ask about toddlers. You can also go for hiking strollers that are very good for toddlers that are not light anymore.


Many parents underestimate the need to entertain toddlers during Camino de Santiago hiking trips. In fact, this is one of the reasons why people believe that it is not a good idea to travel with young children.

The solution to the entertainment problem is to be prepared. There are so many options that are available. For instance, you can take an iPad with you and stock it with educational or fun games. Some toddlers even love coloring books. Just think about how your child can be entertained and see what is appropriate for a hike.


If you want to hike Camino de Santiago you can choose out of many accommodation offers. It is completely up to you to choose between private accommodation and alergues. You do want to seriously consider the private accommodations since people can get upset if young children cry.

If you travel with a toddler it is a very good idea to book accommodations in advance. You need to look for a place where you can sleep after a full day of hiking. If you do this as you come to the region, everything can end up being quite stressful.

When on a tighter budget, look for smaller abergues, hostels or refugios that do allow young children. You surely want to book these in advance. When money is not really a problem, choose small houses or hotels located in the countryside. They are locally known as Casas Rurales.


It is quite challenging to pack light if you hike. When you also have to pack for the toddler, all is even more complicated. Fortunately, you can take advantage of a Camino backpack transport service that is now available for parents. This is a service that is quite great since it allows you to feel relaxed as you travel. You have backpacks delivered to the next destination without a worry in the world.

Last but not least, remember that walking the Camino de Santiago is a wonderful experience but only if you plan for it. Just consider what was mentioned above and you can have a lot of fun even with your toddler.