How to prepare before going to a tatoo parlor

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In order to obtain a high-quality tattoo, it’s not sufficient just to discover a sui sketch and an excellent master. In many ways, the quality of the master’s work depends on you. Some things will have a positive effect on the tattooing process, while some, on the contrary, can greatly ruin the final result.

What to do before tattooing

The main thing is to choose the sketch you like, for example on the site and the place of its application, this is very important. It will seem strange, but so that you will not regret it for the rest of your life, take care of it. So that there is no such thing that during the session you suddenly change your mind, you wanted a completely different tattoo, and the master has already begun his work.

A rush to get a tattoo is the main mistake in your life, you should go to the doctor and find out if you have any of the following diseases.

Allergies, diabetes, skin diseases and epilepsy are all very serious diseases that cannot be hidden from the master. You run the risk of hiding this information from the master, it is not right to endure the pain, and in some cases there may be more weeping cases.

The main thing is to rest. If you do not sleep well and are very tired, it will be better to rest and reschedule the session than if you came to the session tired, the pain will not be very pleasant.

Dress loosely. Clothes that should not interfere with tattooing should not interfere with movement so that you do not feel discomfort during the session. Moreover, it is better that your clothes do not interfere with the work of the master.

Eat well. Hunger affects your pain in much the same way as fatigue. It will be unpleasant if you suddenly feel hungry during the session.

And most importantly, don’t worry, Relax. Believe me, your lack of confidence will not make it easier for the master.

What not to do before tattoo

Is the main advice before a tattoo. Do not drink alcohol, firstly alcohol is harmful to your health, of course you need to relax and calm down before getting a tattoo, but if you decide to relax with alcohol, then this is a very bad idea, you should not drink alcoholic beverages either before or during the session. No self-respecting master will work with a drunken client. Alcohol increases pain during work, because of alcohol, blood circulates faster, which will greatly interfere with work. All this greatly affects the result. It is not recommended to consume alcohol even a couple of days before the session.

Coffee is also a prohibited product, which it is better to refuse before the session. The substances in coffee strongly excite the nervous system, which will make your session hell.

Physical activity before the session should also be excluded. Sports and strenuous physical activity are good for health, but before getting a tattoo, you should exclude them. Physical work will make your skin very supple. This means getting a tattoo will be a time consuming process.

No medication to be applied to the skin. These medications thin the blood a lot, leading to severe bleeding.

During the work of the master, you must help him, and not interfere with him.

If you are sick with a friend, you should postpone the session, because your immunity will be weakened and you will feel much more pain.

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