How to Make Your Fairground Event Much More Exciting and Engaging

Everyone is familiar with a fairground – and more importantly, everyone loves spending time in one! There is always something happening and something in store for everybody, and it’s exciting and thrilling to be in the midst of all the action. Of course, there are usually plenty of rides, games, and attractions galore, but even if you’re not the type who enjoys the rides, you can always amuse yourself with a game or two of coconut shy or the strongman game. Of course, if you are in charge of planning a fairground, you’d want to ensure that everyone has a good time. So how can you make your fairground event much more exciting and engaging? Let’s find out.

Set up friendly competitions and contests

The first thing you can do to make your event pop is to host several contests and competitions. One sure bet with the crowds is a costume competition – everyone will love participating in it, and you can even have entire families dress up in full costumes! Of course, there has to be a prize – and having a prize is a great way to encourage everyone and have them come out at their best. It will also add to your event’s atmosphere – making everything look (and feel) sensational and spectacular.

Send out invitations

If you want to attract prospective attendees, you must send out invitations for your event. Make them curious – include a small introduction to what your attendees can expect, and you can even make it more interesting by giving details on some activities or games. Better yet, have a surprise guest – your attendees will visit your event to find out who your guest is. Finally, include pictures of your event and make sure it has a list of prime attractions, such as the rides, games, prizes, and more, as suggested by a funfair hire company like We Are Tricycle.

Have a fundraising event

Another way for your carnival or funfair event to attract the crowds – and create a buzz around it – is if you connect it to a particular fundraiser. Think of a charity organisation close to your heart, and tell your guests that part of the proceeds of your event will be given to this charity or another humanitarian charity. It opens doors for that charity – and if you are a company, it increases and enhances your social responsibility.

Make your event a private one

If you think your attendees and guests will appreciate a private event even more, then, by all means, make it a private and exclusive affair! Some people like the idea of an exclusive event to them where not all are allowed entry. If this kind of thing will engage your audience, go for it.

Go for special attractions

Certain attractions, such as photo booths, unique carnival themes, and extraordinary beverages, attract crowds. You can even drum up the enthusiasm of your audience by hiring some entertainers or having some theatre actors perform a skit or a play. But, of course, there’s nothing like a slew of entertainers – from magicians to face painters to fortune tellers to mimes and tattoo artists – and young and old will indeed have a grand time.