How To Make Sure Your Marriage Will Be Happy?

When people take a decision to be married, even if they love each other sincerely, there is still a small doubt that maybe, the marriage will not be as happy as they would like it to be. Most people just depend on blind luck. As Charlotte Lucas once said in “Pride and Prejudice”, happiness in marriage is a matter of pure luck. One has equal chances to be happy in marriage if they get married after a month of knowing each other, or if they study each other’s characters during the whole year. Characters change, it annoys, and people get tired of each other. However, there are still ways to increase your chances of a happy marriage and family.

One of the first recommendations one should consider is finding a match with the help of marriage agency similar to CupidTrust because, in such agencies, real professionals and very advanced software will help you check hundreds of profiles. If you do it yourself, trying to look for matches on social networks, you will waste months of your time, and a lot of efforts, and still most people will not want to communicate. On dating platforms, people are willing to communicate and date, because this is the purpose of their registering there.

If you already have a date and both start considering marriage, try to live together for several months. For some people, this seems unacceptable, or not totally proper, or the society may not be positive about an unmarried couple living together. However, in most developed countries, this is a good practice to make sure you actually fit each other’s lifestyles. Living together shows how you manage daily issues and tasks, how you spend your time when at home, whether you can make a deal when sharing a bathroom or the last piece of cake, etc. Living together before marriage will take away this magic of change when you were alone and now you are together forever and all that pink fluffy stuff. On the other hand, you will be able to soberly assess the success of your daily life.

Imagine that this is the way you live the rest of your life. If your partner throws their dirty clothes around, sleeps till midday on weekend and you cannot plan your day, plays video games online every night, this is not the best option. Or if your partner demands you get up at 6 am to go running with him, or cooked a fresh meal three times a day despite the fact that you are busy or tired – this is not a good option either.

A happy marriage means living happily together day after day, at good and bad times. So living together for some time before marriage is a perfect method to know if your marriage with this person is likely to be happy.