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5 Facts You Didn’t Know About Coffee for Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers like you love the smell and taste of coffee, especially on a sunny beautiful morning and during rainy days. But we are mostly aware that we drink coffee any time of the day. All of us have our own way or drinking coffee, smelling, feeling, and savoring the sweet-bitter taste of the dark liquid. But how much do you actually know about your favorite beverage?

Coffee’s history is pretty amazing, but there are actually a lot of facts that most coffee lovers didn’t know about the beverage, and here are some of them:

1. Coffee is Actually Good for You

Not only does it help you wake up and become more productive all day, but it actually does have some good effects on your health. It is a fantastic source of antioxidants, lowers your risk of liver cancer, heart failure, type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and so much more.

2. Coffee Actually Came From Berries

Most people aren’t sure about how coffees look like before they become beans. And the reason why they are called ‘beans’ is that they look like it when in actuality it is a berry. Coffees start as a bright red berry, which is often called “coffee cherries”, and they grow on trees.

Coffee trees can grow to up to 30 feet tall, but they are cultivated to grow to only 3 ft to make it easier to harvest the berries.

3. Coffee wasn’t a Beverage Before

Originally, in Ethiopia, the Oromo tribe ground coffee beans to mix them with fat and then ate them as their form of energy bars. However, according to some legend, a goat herder known by the name ‘Kaldi’, discovered coffee when he noticed his goats become more active by eating berries from a certain tree.

He then told this to a local monastery, who has made a drink from the berries and said that it made him stay awake for his evening prayers. The word spread out and the rest is history. You can learn more about coffee history events on Daily Cupo.

4. Coffee Bloom isn’t Related to Plants

When you’ve been hanging too much at a coffee bar, or with a barista, there is a chance that you might have heard of letting your ‘coffee bloom’. This doesn’t literally mean that you bloom a coffee tree at your house, but it is a secret of making the perfect cup of coffee.

Ground coffee releases gas and releases more gas when poured with hot water. This is the result of bloom, which is important, as it traps the coffee’s flavor with Co2 gasses.

5. Coffee around the World are Grown in Bean Belt

Coffees can only be grown in Bean Belt, which is between the tropics of Capricorn and Cancer, because of its climate. The areas include Hawaii, Africa, South America, and in some parts in South Asia. It may sound limiting, but there are about 50 countries that are near the belt that have the ability to grow the beans.

The country’s latitudes may be similar, but the elevation and soil quality can greatly impact the bean’s taste, which is why coffees from different countries have different strength, taste, and feeling.


There are more facts that you don’t know about coffees, but the facts listed above are worth mentioning. Knowing certain things about coffee is not useless knowledge. In fact, it can be very useful especially when you want to buy the best coffee bean in the market. Therefore, don’t stop learning uncommon things like facts and history about coffee.

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