How to Maintain Your Garage Door?

A garage door can develop various problems over time as you use them. The most common issues include a garage door not opening or closing, opening unevenly, moving slowly or producing too much noise, according to Forbes Advisor.

You must have your garage door serviced routinely to prevent problems. Top service providers of garage door repairs in Lakewood like ELOY Garage Door also carry out installations of commercial and residential garage doors and openers.

However, You Can Also Do Your Bit To Maintain A Garage Door In A Good Condition.

Here Are Some Tips For That.

Tighten up the Hardware

Every year, an average garage door goes up and down over a thousand times. All that movement can loosen the components. Inspect and tighten the bolts and roller brackets using a socket wrench.

Test the Door’s Balance

Disconnect the opener and manually move the door up a bit. If the door doesn’t remain there, the springs are not balanced well. Call the professional to adjust the springs.

Inspect and Replace the Rollers

If you have cracked, chipped or worn rollers, get them replaced. Roller brackets that aren’t directly connected to the cable system can be reinstalled.

Replace the Weather stripping

If the rubber weather strip on the garage door’s bottom is cracked or brittle, have it replaced to keep foreign elements out of your garage.

Lubricate the Moving Parts

Keep your garage door components greased to improve their efficiency. Apply white lithium grease on the opener’s screw or chain and spray a suitable lubricant on the overhead springs.

Check the Cables

Without tinkering with the high-tension cables that lift the garage door, just check their condition. If there is damage close to the bottom roller bracket or broken strands, your door needs repair.

Test the Auto-Reverse Safety Features

Test the auto-reverse feature of the opener. If it is over 20 years old, the feature may not work well. Then opt for the installation of a new reversible garage door opener. This is suggested by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission so that young kids don’t get trapped under and hurt by a closing garage door.

Clear the Tracks

Ensure that the tracks on the sides of the door don’t accumulate debris. You can even check the plumb using a level. Contact a garage door technician for any important adjustments to tracks.

Groom the Garage Door

Tell yourself, “Time to check and fix my garage door”. Check a wooden one for warp, water damage, peeling paint and chipping. If it is a steel door, look for rust spots and sand, prime and paint them. Wash the door routinely using a mild all-purpose cleaner when you wash your car.

If there are major breakdowns or damage, the best idea is to opt for the installation of a new garage door in Illinois (IL).