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How to Know Your Dog is The Perfect Candidate for CBD Oil

It’s one thing to know which is the best CBD oil for dogs. It’s another to know whether your dog can benefit from CBD oil for pets. Here’s how to find out.

CBD oil is becoming more popular by the day. It has a range of benefits for humans, including relieving joint and muscle pain and reducing symptoms of anxiety. However, many people don’t know that the oil can do the same for their pets.

You’ll probably be able to source the best CBD oil for dogs easily but you may not know whether your dog can benefit from it. Here’s all you need to know about CBD oil and what it can do for your dog.

What is CBD Oil?

Many people are wary of using CBD oil because they believe it will have the same effect as cannabis. That just isn’t true. CBD oil contains cannabidiol which doesn’t have psychoactive properties. The ingredient that causes a psychoactive reaction is known as THC. This stands for tetrahydrocannabinol and it’s usually most present in hemp.

Therefore, the substance that would normally create a high is no longer present. This makes it safe for pets to use without owners having to worry about it causing any unwelcome symptoms. The most your dog will feel while using CBD oil is relaxed.

Is Your Dog a Candidate?

There are many reasons your dog could be a good candidate for CBD oil use. Although there is currently little research on the benefits of CBD oil for dogs, there are highly respected vets throughout the U.S that have reported significant and surprising findings.

For example, one vet reported that a dog with a large tumor saw a dramatic reduction within months. Another reported that a dog with arthritis began to want to go on long walks again.

The evidence that’s currently available suggests that CBD oil can provide a better quality of life for certain dogs. Is your dog one of them?


There are many dog owners that fear certain times of the year. The fourth of July or New Year’s Eve are just two prime examples. Although they are times to celebrate and enjoy yourselves, your canine friend may not feel the same way. Some dogs become paralyzed with fear when they hear fireworks and their owners have to go above and beyond to keep them calm.

Some owners play music, others build a safe den for their dogs while some try plug-in scents that aim to calm the dog’s anxiety. When you’re looking for something that calms a dog’s anxiety around fireworks, CBD oil is a winner.

It can be administered in a few different ways, so you don’t need to worry about finding a way to trick your dog into taking it. You should notice a totally different demeanor in your dog, which will allow you to enjoy the celebrations, perhaps for the first time in a long time.


No dog owner wants to hear that they’re beloved pet has been diagnosed with cancer. For many people, it can seem like a death sentence. There isn’t a huge percentage of dogs that survive cancer. CBD oil may be able to help. The properties present in CBD oil can block cancer from producing energy and taking a deeper hold on the body.

CBD oil can also boost the immune system, helping your dog fight off the cancer that’s present. It will help to reduce any tumors that have developed as a result of the cancer and aid the treatment recommended by your vet. All in all, CBD oil can give a dog a fighting chance of regaining full health.

Drug-Resistant Epilepsy

Epilepsy isn’t a common condition among dogs but it does happen. For the dogs that are affected, it can be difficult to treat. Most dogs are prescribed a drug that helps to control possible seizures. However, these drugs often have a bad effect on major organs, such as the liver. There are also cases where these drugs don’t work at all.

If your dog suffers from drug-resistant epilepsy or the drugs are doing damage to your dog’s body, CBD oil could be the answer. One study into this showed that dogs with drug-resistant epilepsy, who were introduced to a CBD oil program, significantly improved within five months.

Pain Relief

It’s very common for older dogs to be diagnosed with arthritis. Sometimes you can visibly see the pain older dogs are in while walking. Their joints become sore and suddenly they become less mobile than they used to be, which can be difficult for owners to see.

In many cases, vets will prescribe pain killers but there is no cure for arthritis. The symptoms are very similar to that of arthritis in humans. Of course, there are many other forms of pain that dogs can suffer from but CBD oil is known to dramatically improve all types of inflammation. Along with arthritis, inflammation can also be found in conditions like acute pancreatitis and any nerve-related pain.

If you’re sick of seeing your dog in pain, CBD oil is certainly worth trying. Not only can it reduce chronic pain but it can also reduce symptoms of pain entirely.

Neurodegenerative Diseases

The majority of research on this subject has been conducted with humans, but the same would certainly apply to dogs. As dogs get older, brain cells become more susceptible to toxins and pollutants within their environment. Some of these brain cells will die.

Conditions like Parkinsons and Alzheimers were the main focus of the studies conducted. Findings showed that CBD oil was able to provide a form of protection for brain cells and also shows a lot of promise for spine and nerve conditions. Conditions such as these are horrible to watch, whether in humans or dogs. If CBD oil shows as much promise as these studies show, it won’t be long before it’s used in mainstream medicine.

Increases Appetite

Dog owners know that one of the clear signs that a dog is feeling unwell is a loss of appetite. This is often one of the best ways of identifying something is wrong before contacting a vet. However, there are many conditions, like cancer, that can cause a loss of appetite for the long-term. This can lead to dramatic weight loss in the dog and a lot of worry for the owner.

If you’re worried about your dog’s appetite or weight gain, CBD oil could improve your dog’s appetite. Similarly to how cannabis works, the cannabidiol in CBD oil will make your dog feel hungry for a certain period. It can also help to reduce symptoms of nausea in dogs that have to take medication that may not agree with their stomach.

Heart Health

Just like humans, dogs need good cardiovascular health to remain fit and healthy. There are lots of conditions that can be caused by poor heart health in dogs. Irregular heartbeats are often linked to damaged blood vessels and CBD oil has been shown to improve the quality of blood vessels. Similarly, a regular dose of CBD oil can protect healthy blood vessels from damage.

Dogs can, arguably, become more stressed and anxious than humans in certain situations. This can often lead to increased blood pressure which is just as unhealthy for dogs as it is for us. CBD oil can reduce the risk of high blood pressure by relaxing the dog at times when it’s most likely to feel stressed.

Autoimmune Disease

Again, autoimmune conditions are unpleasant to watch in both animals and humans. CBD oil can be significantly helpful with autoimmune diseases. The ingredients in the oil can help to suppress Th17 dominance which is known to be a major cause of autoimmune diseases.

Dogs and humans are often prescribed antioxidants when diagnosed with autoimmune diseases to boost their overall health. Surprisingly, CBD oil is full of antioxidants- even more so than Vitamins C and E! Depending on the severity of your dog’s diagnosis, CBD oil could reduce and even eliminate the symptoms of an autoimmune disease.

It’s Legal!

When people see the word cannabis or cannabidiol, they automatically assume that it isn’t safe and it isn’t legal. Even if you’ve decided that you want to try your dog on some CBD oil, you may be expecting to have to source it via unsavory means. That’s definitely not true.

CBD oil for dogs is available to buy online, from local shops and you can even find local CBD eateries if you want to try before you buy. This phenomenal new trend is becoming so popular because people are seeing the benefits and it’s totally safe for you and your dog.

How to Find the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

Just like anything else widely available on the internet, you may find that there are varying levels of quality. However, finding the best CBD oil for dogs shouldn’t be difficult. Make sure to take a look at reviews and ask your dog’s vet if you’re unsure. If your dog is suffering, it’s worth a go, right?

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