How to Invest in Bitcoin and Blockchain

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The more common way of investing is through a bitcoin wallet and wallets are free to use, but there’s some risk as these will store your bitcoins on the third-party servers. You can also buy bitcoins from exchanges where you need to transfer USD/EUR first via PayPal/Skrill (lots of fees). Another option of buying Bitcoins is by mining them, using software that guesses mathematical problems and rewards you with coins for solving them. This requires powerful computers and a lot of time though so it’s not really an alternative for small-time investors.

There are other ways too, trading via online marketplaces and getting paid in the form of Bitcoin rather than cash or check is becoming more and more popular..

Investing in bitcoin means buying them as an investment and holding on to them, just like you would do with normal shares or gold bars . The price of bitcoins fluctuates rapidly as it has grown from zero five years ago to over $50,000 per coin recently, the current rate is around $54,000. But don’t worry about fluctuations. Bitcoins will always exist and since they’re divisible each part of a bitcoin (called Satoshis) can be smaller than 1 penny.

Investing in bitcoin is probably one of the fastest ways to make money right now, but it may also be risky. High volatility makes prices rise and fall fast, meaning that you can lose all your money very quickly. If you’re not comfortable taking this risk then just buy a few coins if you want to try them out or for curiosity’s sake, there’s no way you’ll go broke at just a handful of bitcoins each year!

What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is just a ledger containing all bitcoin transactions so far. You can think of it as a record of who paid how much to whom. The interesting thing about bitcoin is that it’s decentralized and not governed by any central authority. Operations like creating (mining) new bitcoins take place all over the world and there’s no single organization controlling it. Since this currency isn’t physically printed like regular money, people can trade directly with each other without going through banks or clearinghouses. In practice, a network of traders, exchanges, and payment processors has been set up so the coins don’t move from person to person but from bank to trader to merchant, etc.

In order for this system to work you need a way of making sure everyone plays by the rules: That means not spending something that doesn’t belong to them, double-spending a single coin, and making sure everyone knows about all the transactions. This is where the blockchain comes in, all confirmed transactions are included in a long list of blocks that gets constantly updated and downloaded by every computer running Bitcoin software.

One interesting property of blockchains is that since it’s distributed across all computers, you can trust the data as long as just one computer somewhere hasn’t been compromised. If someone hacked into your bank account they could change some numbers, but they couldn’t change them on every system around the world at once. How do I get Bitcoins?

If you want to own bitcoins there are three ways: mining, buying, or trading for them (through an exchange). Mining was possible using normal CPU power but has become unprofitable with the rise of specialized mining hardware (ASICs). If you’re a hobbyist then it’s still a cool thing to do and a great way to learn about how Bitcoin works. Visit the Bitcoin Code app.

How do I store my bitcoins?

The simplest way is to have them on an online site that is designed for storing bitcoins. Bitcoin Wallet is one such service. You can also create a wallet yourself by downloading the software. Or, if you want total control over your money, just use regular old software wallets.


Bitcoin is a new and interesting electronic currency, the use of which has been steadily growing. This paper has discussed the history of Bitcoin and why it’s so important today to invest in bitcoin, how you can acquire them and what they’re good for. Of course, only investing in bitcoins can’t be called an investment plan, but if you get your feet wet with a small sum, it can be a good addition to any other investment you have.

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