How to Compare Land-Based Sportsbooks with Bookies Located Abroad

Image by Phillip Kofler from Pixabay

With some glowing reports and reviews, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of people thinking about betting online, at one or more of the never-ending stream of betting sites available to sports bettors these days.

However, many people are somewhat wary of registering as a new customer at some if not all offshore sportsbooks located abroad for in most cases they may not have heard about them before and may be worried they will get ripped off. Keep in mind for those living in the U.S., it is illegal to bet on offshore casinos.

As such, what I will be hopefully doing in the following guide is helping you make sense of how such betting sites operate and how they differ from land-based sportsbooks that you may be much more familiar with.

What Online Sportsbooks Can Offer

The main attraction for sport betting companies to open an online betting site is that their overheads are of course tiny to that of a land-based sportsbook, and they can then in turn pass on those savings to their customers.

They do that in several different ways, the most obvious, in some cases (but not all) is that the betting lines and betting odds they will make available to you can be higher than those offered to you by your local or not so local land-based sportsbook.

All manner of additional bonuses and promotional deals will also be showered upon their loyal and regular customers and it will soon become apparent too, that many betting sites offer newly signed up customers some high-value bonuses and special deals.

Often too, you will be able to watch live real-time streamed footage of many sporting events at the betting site you have signed up at, so it will certainly be worth looking out for sites that do offer such a facility if you want to place a sports bet then sit back and watch either online, or even via a mobile device that sporting event playing out.

Comp schemes are also available at many online and mobile sport betting sites and apps as well, so you will often find that in addition to any promotional offers and deals made available to you, you will also be earning comps when betting at a number of those sites and apps.

What is Unique about a Land-Based Sportsbook?

The one main difference that I would say about betting in a land-based sportsbook when compared to betting online is that if you win you can immediately pick up your winnings in full and in cash.

When choosing to bet online you do have to request a withdrawal and then wait for the betting sites cashier team to process your winnings and get them sent out to you.

However, do keep in mind that some cash out and payment options offered by a number of betting sites do allow you to receive your winnings much quicker, rather than for example waiting for a check to arrive.

Therefore, if you are demanding rapid winning payouts from an online sportsbook then pick one that offers for example web-wallet or digital currency payouts, as many betting site operators will process those payouts instantly or within an hour or so.

Always Do Your Due Diligence When Looking for an Offshore Bookie

The decision to bet online with a bookie that is based offshore is yours to make ultimately, however that means though that you do run the risk of signing up to one that is not going to live up to your highest of expectations.

Never put yourself at any risks when betting online, much more so with gambling and betting sites located overseas, make sure above everything else that you do your due diligence and check out where the betting site is licensed and regulated.

If upon checking the website of any bookie or sportsbook, there is no mention whatsoever of a gambling license, then my advice is to always avoid signing up to such sites and stick only to those that are licensed and regulated.