How Grocery Delivery Became the New Normal

Grocery shopping; it’s a necessary part of life but that doesn’t mean we have to like it. Who could enjoy having to drive to the store, spend ages walking around being hit with ads for products they don’t want, and then having to carry everything inside and put it all away? Not to mention how much time it eats up. If only there was an easier way. That’s where grocery delivery comes in.

Grocery delivery allows you to add items to your “cart” over the internet like buying something from Amazon. Amazon themselves even offer grocery shopping these days. Just find the items you want, add them to your cart, pay for your shopping, and wait for them and get your grocery delivered.

Online grocery shopping has become the norm for a number of shoppers, especially consumers who don’t have enough time to go to the store. The Food Marketing Institute predicts online grocery sales will reach upwards of $100 billion by 2025. This would mean that online grocery shopping would go from being 4.3% of total grocery sales to 20% within the next few years. So, how did grocery delivery become the new norm and what makes it the preferred choice for many?

Having Groceries Delivered Helps you Stick to a Budget

Everyone has gone to the store with a set list and budget and come back with more goods and less money than they should. These stores are designed to get you into the mood to shop. With all the items displayed so beautifully on their carefully-designed shelves, it’s no wonder that we find ourselves picking up some extra shampoo or paper towels. If you are living on a budget, then you want to avoid over-spending as much as possible. When you have groceries delivered, there are no temptations from the store. All you do is search for what is on your list, put it in your cart, and check out.

You can see how much you are spending before finalizing your purchase too. That way, you can just take some things out of your cart to get back under budget.

Having Groceries Delivered Saves Time and Money

A survey of consumers found that most of them still enjoyed going to the store and doing it in person, but the demographics of online shoppers are becoming more diverse. 38% of online shoppers were male, 37% were millennials, and 45% of them were high-income shoppers.

There is only one thing in common between those demographics; they all lead busy lives. Having groceries delivered frees up a lot of time in the day. Rather than having to spend an hour or so in the store, 10 minutes finding a parking space, and half an hour getting through traffic, you can use the time for more productive things like relaxing, spending time with the family, or getting a workout in. Having groceries delivered can also save on fuel, parking fees, and the total cost of your shopping.

Lots of grocery delivery websites regularly offer incentives to customers that can help them to save money on their groceries. There are also coupons and rebates available, depending on your online grocery store of choice. These savings might be small, but they can add up to a lot of money saved by making the switch to online grocery shopping.

Having Groceries Delivered Makes it Easier to Stop Up on Essentials

Let’s say there was a sale for laundry detergent at the supermarket. You want to pick up 10 bottles and stock up on them for a few weeks. Unfortunately, you can’t carry ten bottles by yourself, let alone fit them into a small car alongside everything else you’re buying.

Online grocery shopping allows you to buy as many items as you want without having to worry about having enough space in your car. There’s also no need to worry about moving them into your house on your own. Everything is delivered right to your door, letting you stock up on essentials – particularly non-perishable items. This allows you to get your groceries done faster while saving some money.

You Get More Options with Grocery Delivery

More shoppers than ever are conscious about what they purchase, but it is impossible to go through each and every label; especially if you’re in a hurry. Online grocery shopping allows you to find products, read information about them, check the price, and even find reviews if you want before making a purchasing decision. Many online groceries stock organic products and other products that are hard to find in the supermarket. Some online grocery stores will even find all the best items in your area and offer them in a single convenient location to make shopping easier.

Online grocery shopping is the future, and it won’t take long for more people to understand and embrace all of the benefits that come with having their groceries delivered to their door.