How Coupons and Discounts Rapidly Boost Your Store Sales

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The online marketplace is highly competitive. You need to develop strategies to attract customers to your site, to not only view but make purchases. Irrespective of your business niche, there are other firms offering the same product only with different branding. Customers browsing on the internet on available products will come across all these options and they have to make a choice. While branding and ingredients are considerations in making a choice, the price is a priority for many online shoppers. Most people will automatically go for an affordable product before checking on components and comparing quality.

Coupons and discounts have the same effect, they relate to the price. Consumers get attracted to offers on prices. It might seem a simple strategy and too common but it never goes out of fashion. Consumers will always be attracted to discounts and promotions. If you can, give away free products to attract more consumers.

If you look at it in the short term, it seems loss of profit. It might not make financial sense at the beginning; however, the increase in sales will surpass the price difference hence profits in the end.

Here are tips on how to boost your store sales with discounts and coupons.

Holiday offers

Take note of holidays and special events in society. The number of cultural events depends on your location. Whether you are offering online shopping or not, you should research on what your target audience finds interesting, the celebration days. Focus your coupon publications on these days. Be sure to set a flat rate on discounts to help in building up profits easily through the season.

Holiday offers not only to build up sales and profits for your business but also increase your brand recognition. The fact that most people are buying because of the offers, popularity about the product and the brand spreads. Discounts and coupons have incredible rewards.

First time shopping coupon

The first impression of your website has an impact on subsequent sales. Offering a discount for customers shopping from your store for the first time attars more people and solidifies relationships. After a first time offer, a customer is unlikely to go to another retailer. It creates an illusion of better deals to come. Your business also seems considerate.

The discount can be as a low as 4%, the fact that it is a discount it is attractive. You have an upper hand over your competitors when you implement coupons on first time shopping.

Abandoned cart discounts

It is common for shoppers to abandon items on a cart. Maybe they got distracted while shopping or experienced technical difficulty, which disrupted the shopping process. Some shoppers get intimidated by prices or get disinterested in the process. It might be your website that experienced problems, which prompted them to abandon the cart. It is your responsibility to ensure the shoppers come back to the abandoned cart and finalize on their purchase.

To get them back, offer a discount. Depending on agreed policies on customer relations, you can promote your discount by sending them emails or text messages to remind them of the abandoned cart. Discounts will automatically attract customers back to their abandoned carts.

Reward loyal customers

Offer discounts to consistent buyers. Introduce customer loyalty cards or simple coupons to bulk purchases. Consumers will be attracted to discounts and strive to purchase more. Whether it is purchasing in bulk or frequenting your store for sales, it is a benefit to your business. Frequenting your store or bulk purchases not only increase your popularity in the market but also boost your sales. Of course, the results will be realized after several weeks or months depending on how you implement this strategy.

You can inform consumers of the coupons for loyalty by sending emails or messages. Happy customers will always come back. You will also achieve close and long-term relationships. 

Regular discounts

Find a way of engaging your customers at given intervals with goodies. Discounts can be in form of additional items, or gifts on certain purchase limits. It can be quarterly or monthly; the goal should be to boost sales. Consumers should be aware of an upcoming offer; it should be definite. Also, you should stick to your promise; if it is the last weekend of every month, strive to deliver every month. Be sure to offer a flat rate to maintain a revenue level. Do not exceed your capabilities and make losses, flat rate coupons result in profits.


Online business has opportunities as well as numerous risks and challenges. You have to keep on updating your services to be relevant in the market and make profits. Research on your target audience and find out what attracts them. Irrespective of your existing marketing strategies, consider including coupons to rapidly boost your store sales.

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